Concert Report by Barry Pausinger
MSG at Crocodile Rock, Allentown, PA
December 11, 2003

Added on 12/13/2003

Hello Ritchie and just wanted to comment on the show here in Allentown. Michael was on FIRE as in really on with all the songs tonight in his set tonight, BUT.... He did not do any encore's .... nor did he come out to sign any cd's or anything after the show so after awhile and getting Amy's autograph on the "Under Construction" Schugar/Schenker I asked around with some of the people that were left said about the New York gig- IDIOT who threw beer on Michael explained a possible reason on why he wasn't into coming out. Please post this comment about the N.Y. IDIOT just because not only is it really disrespectful to do that to anyone, and as we all know Michael is NOT JUST ANYONE !!! Well sorry for the rant... but that guy would have been mobbed here if he was down here.

I also want to say thanks to you Ritchie and all the other Schenker fans that are involved in keeping us all in the loop with the work you done on this and all related sites!!!! Oh by the way everyone should get the Schugar/Schenker cd because Michael really plays his butt off on it!!

That's all folk's... ROCK ON !!!! Barry

Concert Report by Cutler Robinson
MSG at Crocodile Rock, Allentown, PA
December 11, 2003

Added on 12/14/2003

After driving 6 hours from Virginia Beach, standing on the front row from 7:30 with much anticipation...I was not disappointed! Michael is special, there is no doubt about it. Chris Logan is a true talent...and a world class frontman, the whole band was solid. As crazy as Rev is...he doesn't miss a note...and is strong on supporting vocals. Wayne and Pete are true professionals. Their set list was similar to previous shows, with Amy coming in and then doing the two songs off the 'Under Construction' CD. As mentioned in a previous review there was no encore or autograph session from Michael, although the rest of the band hung out after the show. I knew nothing of the previous nights events, but the band was on and played with inspiration. The mix was perfect from my spot with the vocals very clear and of course Michael was clear and authoritative...he missed nothing...his tone...what can you say...awesome! More than that even, in his playing it seems that every note flurry for effect but instead...emotional expression His playing and writing is pure art form.

Concert Report by Bob Triani
MSG at Crocodile Rock, Allentown, PA
December 11, 2003

Added on 12/17/2003

four of us were at the allentown show.i dragged my wife to the show because she is a great UFO/ Phil/Pete/Paul R & C fan. c'mon, its family man!!! my 2 buddies are HUGE UFO/MSG/all Michael/all UFO guitarists/ fans. i was so happy for Michael to be getting some early glowing reviews. couldnt believe the UFO stuff in the setlist. was really ready for this one. since michael isnt in UFO anymore, the old stuff would be really important now. band was pretty tight and sounded good. Amy a little shrill at times, but what the hell. better than you might usually see. it was really cool to see everybody in the crowd groovin to my favorite bands tunes. about 300 people maybe?

best with phil, but Chris did a decent job considering the original vocalist for these songs is incompareable at all levels. new stuff was really good too. heard the new cd and was really impressed with the overall sound, especially Chris. the band all seemed to be enjoying themselves and giving 100%. michael just stood there hunched over mostly, looking up a few times. seemed happy,maybe. looking good for a full set tonite. crowd pretty decent too for a small town. as i watched the show i wondered how many of these fans would be there tonite if it was the new UFO? any UFO theories on this one?? couldnt fit into my PLOT t shirt so I had my WAYSTED shirt on to see if i could impress any real COOLIES. NOBODY noticed except the one person i knew there, old FRED. BOB, RON E. KAYFIELD might jam with us at one of our shows next week!!! im there dude!!! freakin RONNIE !! saw him in WAYSTED with FIN, his own band opened for UFO in allentown in 86, then solo shows!! real cool!! (stay tuned). so, other 3 stay back in over 21 beer section, i go up front in all ages/no booze to see the great one up close. wonder why he chooses to look like a bum lately. cheezy outfit, maybe good off stage to keep a low profile, but really unimpressive. enjoyed the UFO stuff too, but it wasnt the same: guitarist wise.

i cant imagine how people say he was "ON FIRE". no emotion, no spirit, and(most importantly}, NO PERSONALITY!! nothing special from what i saw. none of this bothered me much,until 70 minutes into the show, GOODNITE!! no problem, good encores ahead,right? NOT!!!!!!!! my worst fears were realized: MY WIFE WAS RIGHT: POOPY PANTS AGAIN!!! yeah, sounds childish but 100% on the money!!! POOPY PANTS!! thats perfect. no encores, no doctor doctor, armed and ready, rock bottom!! what this time???? new website, new hardship story, new girl, newstart?, but SAME OL MICHAEL!!

why even bother touring if youre gonna cut out for no good reason. crowd was fine. we left then. fred went to get his stuff to get signed in his car before rock bottom. people leaving before he got back in. i said goodnite to fred. he said, i thing were gonna get boned tonite. i later found out he was right. at least half the crowd waited on a weeknite to get stuff signed by michael. SORRY!! if you bought a cd at the table for 20$ a pop, it said michael would sign it later. BULLSHIT !!

more fans shit on again. cant wait to tell my buddies the no show info. i cant believe how many people stay loyal. i cant even see a reason to call it a group. its the MICHAEL SCHENKER BAND, or you are gone. dont speak up reasonably, he is a guitar god. spare me!! glad MIKES out of UFOs future. that could only help. sorry if i offend anyone, i am giving my honest opinion of what I saw.

good luck MIKE, i WONT BE FOOLED, as you say. this will be my last michael show, unless some people lose their mind in UFO. hold my MSG and whatever michael does. its the same story and i have had enough. anybody else????

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