Concert Report by Mike
Temple of Rock at O2 ABC Glasgow, Glasgow, U.K.
December 11, 2014
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Concert Report by Matt
Temple of Rock at O2 ABC Glasgow, Glasgow, U.K.
December 11, 2014
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Michael Schenker set list

Into the Arena video
Armed & Ready video
Rock You like a Hurricane video
Too Hot To Handle video

Concert Report by Mike
Temple of Rock at O2 ABC Glasgow, Glasgow, U.K.
December 11, 2014
Added on 12/14/2014

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Concert Report by Dave
Temple of Rock at O2 ABC Glasgow, Glasgow, U.K.
December 11, 2014
Added on 12/15/2014

Hi Strangers!

Back after an accidental exile from the group! Saw MS's Tempple of Rock in Glasgow last ight. There is always a sense of both excitement and trepidation going to see MS, but these days there seems to be nothing to worry about - Michael and the boys were great.

I won't give too much away, in case others are going to see the band, but the opening number was a bit of a surprise. It worked though. The set was pretty much UFO/Scorpions/Classic MSG with a few Temple of Rock originals thrown in, including one new song 'Vigilante Man' which was a bit heavier. Herman and Francis are still as tight a rhythm section as always (and I still think Francis is the coolest bassist on the planet!) and Wayne Findlay adds depth to the sound.

I know Doogie White is not to everyone's tastes, but I think he has an excellent voice for the MSG and Scorpions numbers. Less so for the UFO songs, where he doesn't seem quite such a tight fit. I have to say, visually, he still reminds me of Jack Black doing Ronnie James Dio impressions, but I think he and MS are a good match.

We also had an appearance from Chris Glen and his Explorer bass for Too Hot to Handle - have to say, I wouldn't have recognised him in the street!

As for Mr Schenker himslef, I think he was on top form. His playing was as good or better than any I have seen from him in the last 32 years since I first saw him live. What's more, he seemed to be having FUN, singing along with the words.! There were a couple of songs where he (and Wayne) were a bit low in the mix and noticably turned up on the solos, but overall the sound where I was was good (Some from the previous night's gig in Newcastle said the sound was poor). He also looks incredibly healthy these days, and I hope I am able to bouce around as much when I am their age!!

The set was only just over an hour and a half, and there was only one encore, but perhaps that does reflect their ages. One surprising thing - unless my notes are wrong, nothing MSG from after the first album.

Anyway, to those going to see the lads on the Tour - I hope your experience is as good as mine was. And roll on the UFO tour next year!

As I wrote it down (and I don't think I missed anything):

1) Doctor Doctor
2) Where the Wild Winds Blow
3) Armed and Ready
4) Natural Thing
5) Victim of Illusion
6) Lovedrive
7) Coast to Coast
8) Before the Devil Knows You're dead
9) Lord Of The Lost And Lonely
10) Let it Roll
11) Shoot Shoot
12) Into The Arena
13) Vigilante Man
14) Too Hot to Handle (With Chris Glen)
15) Rock You Like A Hurricane
16) Rock Bottom


1) Blackout


Concert Report by Douglas Burton
Temple of Rock at O2 ABC Glasgow, Glasgow, U.K.
December 11, 2014
Added on 12/19/2014

Temple Of Rock - Glasgow December 11th 2014

Part 1 Meet and Greet

Having had meet and greet arranged for about six months I received an email from Taro Schenker about a week before gig telling me to be outside venue at 16.00.
I arrived about half an hour early and within five minutes Doogie White turned up. Having known each other for years we had a quick chat and I told him I was doing Meet and Greet - whilst we were talking Chic Mc Sherry - La Paz guitarist walked up and said hello before going into venue. Doogie went in and five minutes later Taro came out and asked if I was guy that Doogie had told him about. Said yes and he took me inside after giving me Meet and Greet pass. Seemed very friendly and keen that I should enjoy myself. I was shown into hall where I was given black and white photo of band. Taro went off to find others on list and I went and stood behind mixing deck where Chic was standing . Said I had heard there were problems with sound the night before, Chic confirmed this and the fact that sound guy was sacked on spot. At this point the sound engineer for night introduced himself .
At 16.00 various technicians started tuning instruments and about 10 minutes later the band minus Doogie wandered on stage and ran through Into the Arena, then Doogie joined band and they played Vigilante Man a new song which I had seen videos of on you tube. Sounded great and there appear to be no problems with sound.
Taro then took all of us greeters through a door next to the stage up some stairs and into a room and there is the man himself waiting to shake hands. Doogie introduces me to Michael as another Doogie he has known for 30 years. "Another Doogie ? " Michael replied, " I didn't realise you were that old Doogie " . I have a couple of photos taken with Michael and ask him to sign my cd of Lights Out which he does.
Doogie introduces me to rest of band with same 30 year story. Talk to Wayne about how I first met Doogie and he gives me a Wayne Findlay plectrum, reminisce with Herman about the Scorpions at Reading Festival in 1979. Photos taken with individual members of band and black and white photo signed and I show Doogie a tin of Temple of Rock guitar plectrums I have . He is amazed that there is one of him but even more amazes there is one of Francis and calls Francis across. He is even more amazed but as there are 2 of each I tell he is welcome to have one which seems to delight him and off he goes to show rest of band. Chat to Michael a bit more and all to soon it is time to leave. Wish Doogie best of luck and taro shows us out. He tells us that normally we would be allowed to stay in hall until gig but venue has changed policy. Thank Taro for everything and decide to go for a drink with two of other guys on Meet and Greet.
On the way downstairs who should we bump into but ex MSG member and all round rock n roll legend Chris Glen. Have a quick chat and photo taken and then head to pub.

I enjoyed whole Meet and Greet experience - memories I will cherish for ever - and got the impression that the whole band were totally at ease in each others company and genuinely like each other.

Part 2 The Concert

An hour and a half later after something to eat and a couple of Jack Daniel's and coke it is back into venue. Push my way to as close to front as I can get and watch last two numbers of support group Western Sand. After a very quick turnaround the lights dim intro tape starts and band are on at 20.01. Having seen set list I knew Doctor Doctor was the first number. It might seem a strange choice to start a gig but it works and from where I am standing there appear to be no issues with the sound. Next up is Where The Wild Wind Blows and this being the third time I have seen band in last three years it seems to me they are just getting tighter and tighter. The rest of gig is a run through of Michael's musical history with UFO, MSG, Temple of Rock and Scorpions being played. Coast to Coast is one of highlights for me. Doogie dedicates Before the Devil Knows You're Dead to Ronnie James Dio, Jon Lord and Jack Bruce. It has been stated by other people but Michael seems to be taking a genuine joy in being on stage these days and it shows in his playing which actually seems to be getting better. Vigilante Man is introduced as a song from new album Spirit on a Mission out in March. Next up is UFO standard Too Hot to Handle and a special guest appearance from Chris Glen. Last but one number is a raucous rendition of Rock You Like A Hurricane and the n it is onto Michael's song Rock Bottom - there is video footage of this on you tube which is worth watching as I don't think I have ever seen Michael play it better. One encore of Blackout prior to which we have the crowd chanting "Doogie Doogie. Great end to show and as it is 21.32 I realise I have time to get last bus home instead of having to travel halfway round Scotland by train and bus.

On bus I have time to think over the day. As already said I will always cherish Meet and Greet and on a musical level it seems to me band are just getting tighter and tighter. A rock solid rhythm section, a tremendous vocalist and front man, a genuine musical talent on keyboards and seven string and of course the greatest guitarist in world who just seems to get better and better.

Douglas Burton

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