Concert Report by Ronnie
MSG at The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY
December 10, 2003

Added on 12/11/2003

Hey what's up? I am a huge schenker fan an I love your web site. I have some information which I feel nends to be posted. Last night I saw michael play at a club called the chance here in new york, and he was amazing as usual. The only downfall is that the show was cut short because some jerk threw a full bottle of beer at Michael soaking him from head to toe. The crowd was horrified and we missed out on about 5 songs. It's a shame the crowd didn't kick his ass, He didn't even get thrown out of the club. JUSTICE WAS NOT SERVED. So I am writing to you in hope that you will post this news and create some embarrasement to this fool.


Concert Report by Dean Smith
MSG at The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY
December 10, 2003

Added on 12/14/2003

Oh what a night!!! If you did not order the demo cd you must get it now. I work about two blocks from the chance, so after work I thought I'd see if the band was their yet. I saw chris logan get off the bus and spoke to him for about 20 minutes. I then saw Rev.,man this dude was cool, but what really made my evening was Amy. I said hey is that Amy, and he introduced me to her, we chatted for a while at this time she was gonna show me the bus but she had to go somewhere. And the manager told her to be back @ 5:30 for sound check. I told her I was gonna bring my 15 year old son, she thought that was cool. I asked if we could come back and possablly get to check out the sound check, she said come back and i'll check with my manager. we'll I'll tell you that ride home to get my son was gut wrenching, thinking what an opportunity this was. PERFECT TIMING is the way to put it. we'll we got back up ther after fighting traffic, I THOUGHT FOR SURE WE WERE GONNA MISS THEM. But pulling in the parking lot we were behind them. We parked and ran over to them. Michael was a few steps ahead of Amy. I said hey Amy , she said hey Dean then she called out to Michael, Michael these are the people i was telling you about and he has his son, I want you to meet Dean and his son dean Jr. What a trip man he walked over and shook our hands, and I reminded amy if she could get us in for sound check, then she came back and said ok just stand behind mikey's stack. Man what a thrill........after sound check, we hung out with Amy for a few minutes, she wanted to get a bite to eat. All i could think of was something quick to eat and I thought of some good ol new york pizza, she asked if rev. wanted to go but he said he wanted to get a nap. I said hey see if mikey wants to go, but she didn't know is where abouts. So we waited on the sound tech. Mark he was very cool too. so we headed out in my Honda Element, dude we hung out for like two hours. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. She touched mine and my son's heart. She was so personable and warm and funny, we will miss her. She is a my friends were like dude what's up with that man she is being so nice to you. She was just being her self what a wonderful person to be around. I wish it never had to end. That meant more to me than the actual show, but to the show, that is what you want to here about it was great, chris had problems with his voice, couldn't hear him to good, but to the end some jerkoff started shaking a bottle of beer up and pointing it at mikey he didn't stop ti'll he hit him he sure didn't soak him from head to toe like that other guy said, i saw the whole thing from like 20 feet away. also Amy said she wanted me to video her on stage during her set, so i did the video it came out good but the sound came out crappy i'm not a professional she wants me to send her a copy. Man what a night, I will never forget her and what she did for me and my son. HER CD IS AWESOME MAN. talk to you soon.

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