Concert Report by Sylvie
Temple of Rock at Le Forum, Vauréal, France
November 14, 2014
Added on 11/16/2014

concert review - MS's temple of rock - Bridge the gap tour 2014 - Vaureal (11-14-2014)

Hi Ritchie,

Yesterday, The Temple of rock performed in Vaureal. They already played there twice, for the two previous tour and it was again sold out !

The support act was the same as yesterday, Swiss band Maxxwell, they delivered a very good performance, especially the singer who sings very well. Other members were very talented musicians and people appreciated them a lot.

After a short break, guess who we were waitin' for ? Michael Schenker's temple of rock !

Like the day before, the show begins with "Doctor doctor", and that sets the house on fire for the start !

They play the same set-list (special mention to the old "Victim of illusion" and the tremendous "Rock'n'roll symphony" from the "Bridge the gap" CD).

Stage was bigger than yesterday, so the musicians have more space to move and thus run from one side to the other during the set very often.

They enjoyed the gig very much and the audience too. Everybody in the area had a good time and promise to be back next time.

Time slips too fast during a MS gig ! It was another great moment in Vaureal.

Hope they will return very soon !

Kisses from France.


Concert Report by Eric
Temple of Rock at Le Forum, Vauréal, France
November 14, 2014
Added on 11/16/2014

It was a great concert.

Well it's obvious that they grew as a band. That show was full of positive energy. Michael was at his better level. I had the opportunity to meet them before the show and they were all very nice and cool. I'm looking forward to listening to the new album Spirit on a Mission and I believe that there will be a live album meanwhile.

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