Concert Report by Alain & Sylvie
Temple of Rock at L'Empreinte, Savigny-le-Temple, France
November 13, 2014
Added on 11/15/2014

concert review - MS's temple of rock - Bridge the gap tour 2014 - Savigny-le-temple (2014-11-13)

Hi Ritchie,

Here's our review of the gig in Savigny-Le-Temple, a town in the suburbs of Paris.

The support act was Maxxwell, with 2 x and 2 l (only God knows why !). A very warmful band, friendly and very happy to be there. As they came from Switzerland, they can speak french and this gave to the audience a very good response. They played a good set, mostly from their new album, a good mix between Mr Big, Queensryche and old stuff like Krokus or AC/DC.

After a very short break, thanks to the crue, Michael Schenker came on stage with the whole "Temple of rock" band. Show begins with "Doctor doctor", which is very unusual to find on first song for a MS gig !

Michael seemed very pleased to be there, and he even recognised us at the begin of the gig ! He was smiling all the time, shaking hands during the songs and be as near to the public that this venue offers (and it's very near... 20 centimeters sometimes !), we even received his drops of sweat on us as it was very warm in this venue.

The set continues with a mix of UFO, Scorpions, MSG and of course some Temple of rock's tracks (from "Bridge the gap", 3 songs...). It really seems now that this band is set to continue to offer to the fans a long existence and that is great !

They played "Vigilante man", a new song that will be recorded for the next CD. Very rocky song with a kind of "Uriah Heep" sound.

The set was almost 2 hours long, with "Light's out" and the speedy "Blackout" as encore.

Musicians delivered a very good set and the audience was very excited at every song of this crazy sold-out evening.

Thanks to Ritchie to keep his fan-page maintained so well !

Kisses from France.

Alain & Sylvie

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