Concert Review by Thomas
Temple of Rock at Sudhaus Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany
November 5, 2014
Added on 11/08/2014

Hello Ritchie!

Here is my short review of the Temple of Rock Show, Sudhaus Tubingen, Germany, Nov. 05, 2014:

Great concert on a terribly rainy day. It was raining throughout the day, so also as I reached the Sudhaus at the edge of the university town Tubingen at about 8:00 pm. The small hall was filled well and at the entrance I experienced on demand that approx. 600 people can find a place and only some tickets are left for the sales. The Swiss Band Maxxwell -unknown to me- opened the evening with a solid approx. 40-minute appearance.

After the break for rebuilding the stage at about 9:15 pm Michael Schenker with band entered the stage and opened the concert with "Doctor Doctor" under large applause. Michael was tempered very well and in the best playing mood, offered a great concert like the rest of the band. In my opinion the advantage of a small hall became apparent, because you are close to the action and the mood leapt over from the band to the audiance and vice versa.

After approximately 85 minutes the concert ended with "Rock Bottom" and a raging crowd. During the whole concert I stood away only a few meters from Michael and I now changed on the loft, in order to shoot some photos from there during the encores. The first encore was "Lights out" and after a short break the 2nd addition "Black out" followed. I believe the band was very pleased about the great audience, which called for a further addition. But unfortunately: All good thinks must come to an end.


Doctor Doctor
Where the wild winds blow
Armed and Ready
Natural Thing
Victim of Illusion
Rock N Roll Symphony
Coast to Coast
Before the Devil knows you're dead
Lord of the Lost and Lonely
Let it Roll
Shoot shoot
Into the Arena
Vigilante Man
Too hot to handle
Rock you like a Hurricane
Rock Bottom

Lights out
Black out

Best wishes

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