Concert Report by Theresa aka Mrs. Sven
Michael Schenker at Slo Brew, San Louis Obispo, CA, U.S.A.
February 4, 2014
Added on 02/06/2014

Last night's show was the best one we've seen on this tour. I thought that they switched up the set list a little but we weren't able to get a copy and I didn't write it down - sorry! Sven says the show was like a well-oiled machine. Doogie was commanding in his presence. Rev was animated and entertaining as always. Wayne was in top form on both keyboards and his Trident and switched back to his Dean Dime model late in the set due to perhaps a broken string, I thought. Pete Holmes is always stellar and was carrying the band like a champ. Schenker was his normal amazing and incredible self - his solos were blazing and he seemed to be very happy. The band had excellent synchronicity. Their energy as a band was strong, powerful, and burning like the sun. The didn't bother going off stage before the encore but Doogie told the audience that they would just stay onstage while we cheered loudly and THEN play the encore songs. The audience was small, maybe 250 or so, but loud with appreciation and overall receptive and warmly welcoming to the band.

Thank you again for all your work!

Mrs. Sven

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