Concert Report by KenO
Michael Schenker at Backstage Live, San Antonio, TX, U.S.A.
February 1, 2014
Added on 02/03/2014

Hello, Keeper Of The Faith! Greetings from Texas USA

We all honored Doogie's request to keep the flashes off and the screens low, thus my pics are not so good! But they are for you. You share with the fans, so I'm returning courtesy!

The venue, Backstage Live!, has a small, cramped stage...with concrete columns and assorted bar fixtures the band and crowd have to negotiate constantly. But they always bring good shows to their venue. Michael played excellent, of course, and it was great to see him enjoying himself so obviously. Good for HIM! It was a definite ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN. Doogie really shined, even though his monitors were shot and sounded like tin cans. A true pro! The band is playing so well together, TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT! Pete is a very good drummer, and The Rev is a class to himself. Awesome display! Wayne is a madman...on the keys, on the guitar (cool Trident!), on the vocals, etc. All in all, a perfect, sweaty, crowded rock and roll show down in Texas! Thanks go to the band, Backstage Live,and the wonderful crowd.

Thanks for letting me share with you, rbaraki. You rock, bro.

pics by Kelly Thomas

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