Concert Report by Stan
Michael Schenker at Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA, U.S.A.
January 26, 2014
Added on 01/30/2014

This was our first time attending a show at this club, although small, it has three floors and can accommodate a decent size crowd which was out in force for a bitter cold Sunday night. The venue advertised two opening bands who started on time and each played a short set. Problems started when we found out that a third band Gundriver who is apparently touring with MSG came out to play. This band was not advertised on the bill and to make matters worse played an extra long set. They finished around 9:40 which was a concern because the club states on it's website that Sunday night shows have a 10 PM curfew. We all assumed Michael would start at 10 but when 10 turned to 10:30 we were all getting increasingly agitated, club employees included and wondering what was going on and if we were going to see a show at all. When Michael's guitar tech came out about ten minutes later with revised set lists we all feared the worst that the set would be cut short. Chants of Bullsh*t! immediately erupted from the crowd. Finally around 10:45 the band appeared seemingly, unfazed by whatever caused the delay and went straight to work. Michael immediately stepped forward to engage the crowd and was clearly in good spirits and enjoying himself and whatever hard feelings the crowd were feeling were obviously immediately forgotten. The band was tight and focused, Doogie's vocals occasionally got lost in the mix but he is a great charismatic front man who had us all cracking up with his onstage banter. Michael was absolutely as on fire and focused as I've ever seen him and every solo left us looking at each other with a huge grin on our faces or shaking our heads in amazement. To the band and clubs credit the set list was not cut short and was the same as has already been posted in previous reviews, just rearranged. Also Doogie mercifully acknowledged they would not be leaving the stage because of the late hour and they went straight to the encore finishing with a had to see it to believe it version of Rock Bottom and ending with Doctor Doctor. So although the show did not end til after midnight Michael and the band made any lost sleep well worth it, if you could sleep at all after witnessing a performance that was as wicked as the weather outside.


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