Concert Report by Graham
Michael Schenker at Canada Rockpile West and East, Toronto, Canada
January 18 and 19, 2014
Added on 01/22/2014

Hi Ritchie

Toronto was once again visited for two shows by the mighty MSG! at The Rockpile West & East. The first show was on a Saturday and despite the cold, 400 fans turned up to see the Mad Axeman!. Michael and band did not disappoint, they were on fire the entire show, Michael started the set with a new Dean V painted with a chrome mirror finish, Wayne also sported his new model ( the Trident) . Michael played flawlessly the entire set, and looked like he was enjoying every minute of it .

Night 2 was at Rockpile East,while it was not as crowded as the night before ( most likely due to it being on a Sunday) that didn't stop the band from delivering another stellar show, Actually Michael's improved solos in shoot shoot, and lights out, were even more jaw dropping than the night before. Both nights had the same set list , and seems to be the same as previous shows this tour.

Thanks Richie for all your work


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