Concert Report by Bruce
Michael Schenker at Fuel Room, Libertyville, IL, U.S.A.
January 16, 2014
Added on 01/18/2014

A Few Pics I took from last night at the Michael Schenker Concert at The Fuel Room in Libertyville, Illinois.

Concert Report by Alan
Michael Schenker at Fuel Room, Libertyville, IL, U.S.A.
January 16, 2014
Added on 01/19/2014

The 'One and Only' Wayne Findlay with his new custom signature Dean 'Trident.'

Here's another of the 'One and only' Wayne Findlay

Thought I'd post one more photo from the MSG gig in Libertyville, IL (Jan 16, 2014) before calling it a night. The incredible Doogie White

Concert Report by Steve
Michael Schenker at Fuel Room, Libertyville, IL, U.S.A.
January 16, 2014
Added on 01/20/2014

Hi Ritchie,

Here is my belated review of Michal Schenker's Temple Of Rock 'Bridge The Gap Promotional Tour' from Thursday, 16 Jan at Austin's Fuel Room, Libertyville IL

We got to the venue early to visit with the band and crew, and then were treated to a very nice soundcheck that started with Neptune and Where The Wild Winds Blow, and the Horizons, with a few changes made to the drums. Then a Very Special Treat: and acoustic 'set' with Wayne, Doogie and Michael working on Lord Of The Lost And Lonely, Before The Devil Knows You're Dead and a surprise Holiday!!! They were getting ready for an appearance on the Mancow radio/TV show Friday morning. (you can hear the interview at Mancow's website - sadly you will need to pay for a membership to do so, but it's only 6 buck for a month.)

The show started out with Wayne and Michael center stage playing Neptune, then the band joined in for Where The Wild Winds Blow. The Band were really tight and had lots of onstage fun playing the following MSG classics. The order of setlist posted earlier has been changed, but the songs are all the same. Michael's playing was excellent, with standout performances on Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Lights Out and Lovedrive. Doogie was fun to watch onstage, and he bantered abit, letting his cool personality and humor show. Rev was of course a wildman, so much fun watching him bounce and run around the stage - even moreso since his hair is gone so there's no more 'helicopter' to flail about. Pete Holmes was as powerful and precise as ever, proving why he's been Michael's #1 pick for drums on tours.

The crowd really lighted up during the UFO part of the set. Looking around I fugure many there may have been at the Strangers In The Night show in we're getting old!

A note regarding Doogie White vs. cameras/cellphones.

Seems like Doogie doesn't much care for people filling the front rows with glowing screens...and I agree. His reasoning makes Perfect Sense: We're playing Live for you all, why not Watch and Experience the show Live instead of through a tiny screen???

My Thoughts: For all those further back trying to see the show through and around all those little screens, it sucks...we all Pay for a Live Show, we want to Enjoy a Live Show...and your silly little camera videos posted online mostly suck, so just give it up already.

anyways, overall a Great Show indeed! Get out there and see Bridge The Gap promo tour shows, you will Not be disappointed! Michael is still on the top of his game, the Band are tight, Doogie's vocals are excellent throughout..


Concert Report by Cindy
Michael Schenker at Fuel Room, Libertyville, IL, U.S.A.
January 16, 2014
Added on 01/21/2014

Here's my experience at the Michael Schenker concert last Thursday at the Ausin's Fuel Room in Libertyville, Ill. Not as good as Steve's though, but maybe from a different perspective.

We saw Michael Schenker last Thursday at the Fuel Room in Libertyville, Illinois. I will post a video my husband took with his new phone. He never used the video on it before and obviously he needs to learn. My big fuzzy head was in the way. LOL! He only took 1 pic and he sent it to my email and I can't get it off of there to post it. Grrrrrr! He told me not to worry because he would take lots of great pics since I didn't have a camera! Aaaaaah! The man! I still think I'll keep him, though. Anyway, besides all that I had a most awesome time, except for all the standing and waiting for the other 2 bands to get finished!!!! They were very good, btw. I was by the stage, well behind a guy in a wheel chair, but the front of it was tucked under the stage somehow!!!! Anyway at arms length away with a perfect view. I was just tickled! I was never able to have such a wonderful view before. There is usually people in front of me and I can never see the bands. Anyway, this time was different. I was looking at Michael's guitars right up close, (his chrome one was all smudged, LOL!), and his tattoos and I absolutely loved his blingy shoes! He interacted with us and the crowd. I caught him singing a few times. Hahaha! What a difference from the other time I saw him. He's tooooooo skinny, though. Someone needs to fatten him up. Hahaha! OMG, his eyes are so blue!!!! I was so surprised, when a couple times he did the Matthias Jabs pucker. Hahaha! Also, I must add, the bass player, R Ev Jones, kicked butt!!!!! What a showman! He was like a rubberized energizer bunny on speed. Hahaha! He actually had tattoos in his arm pits. Too cool! Thankfully, the people around us were well behaved, but everyone was rockin, including me! I thought my husband's friend, Juan Acevedo, was going to knock me onto the stage he was rockin so hard. The drummer was really pounding the drums.I watched a drink on the stage vibrating. So cool! The music demanded that you just "get down", and everyone was soooo excited and verbal. There was a young woman standing behind me to the left that was trying to see in the worst way, but she was short. I remembered that feeling of not being able to see. So I pulled her by the arm and dragged her to my right. Thankfully, she was petite. She was beside herself as she said Michael was her most favorite in the whole world and you could tell, that to see him up so close, was almost to much for her. How cute! I was enjoying her joy. What a night!

Video as promised.

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