Concert Report by Micael
Michael Schenker at Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden
May 25, 2013
Added on 05/28/2013

Me and my fiancé went to Klubben in Stockholm to experience Michael Schenkers Temple of Rock. The venue is quite small and during the support act StoneWire the place was half empty. StoneWire did a decent job warming up the crowd before the main act.

When Schenker and the boys entered the stage the energy level increased substantially and suddenly the place was crowded. The band seemed to be on top form and kicked in on high gear from the start and got the crowd energized from the first riff. Doogie is a great frontman always interacting with the crowd to get them going. The set list was as in previous shows with 2 encores. Doogie managed to get the whole crowd sing along in several songs. Most memorable sing-alongs were during "Holiday", "Rock you like a hurricane", "Only you can rock me" and finally of course during the 2'nd encore in "Doctor Doctor" where the roof almost lifted.

Mr Schenker himself was on top form. I have never seen him be so connected to the crowd before. He smiled, walked close to the edge of the scene and did claps with the crowd all the time. His playing was spot on most of the time. He did several guitar changes between different Dean V's through the show. He got quite an arsenal these days. It is nice to see him feeling well and enjoying life! Now I am looking forward to his new album "Bridge the Gap" coming out soon!! Great show, go there if you can!!!


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