Concert Report by Alain & Sylvie
Michael Schenker at La Cooperative de Mai, Clermont-Ferrant, France
May 14, 2013
Added on 05/15/2013

Hi to all,

Remember three days ago, we left Audincourt to go to Clermont-Ferrand and we stayed at the same hotel as the band. In fact, during the breakfast, we heard Michael checking out, in fact, he was not checking out, he missed his train (return in Germany) because of wrong information at the hotel desk (altough the lady that was there for us was the most professional girl in a hotel we've seen so far), so as we checking out ourselves, we crossed Wayne in the elevators and talk to him for a minute or two and just after, it was Francis who said hello to us in a friendly way.

We arrived in Clermont on the 13th, stayed a while to do some shopping and guess who was in the streets at he same time : Herman ze German himself, he stopped to say hello to us and we don't know why we didn't invited him to have a drink, because that's what we want doing at that moment ! really ashamed of that...

After the day off, it was time to see another mighty MS gig ! We arrived at the venue (La cooperative de Mai) very early and as we came, Doogie went in to have lunch, I take a picture for a French fan (hello Maxime !) and Absolva, the support act came just after, we offer them some french food and wine and they were a little bit surprised and pleased.

During the long wait, Chris Appleton came to talk with us and we had a pleasant conversation about music and the Tour !

When Michael came to the venue, he was smiling and gave an autograph to Sylvie, the rest of the band came also and signed a lot of CD booklets and pictures to the Scorps fans that came for the evening. We wait another two hours and it was finally time to go inside this nice venue, very well equiped and we appreciate a real concert hall, instead of sometimes ancient factories transformed into venues, which happened so often in Germany.

Like almost every night now, Absolva blasts again the audience with their tremendous music, full of energy, technique and power. I don't know if it was because of these days off but the band were much much better than in Audincourt, Michael keep his smile during all the set, Francis was in top form, jumping and running all around and we saw Wayne coming center of stage often than usual. The venue was excellent for the sound but it was the light that enchanted the evening, even if they choose white as the main color of lights, the eight roto-lights with many forms and speed of turning made a great effect.

After the show, we heard a lot of people saying it was the best Ms gig they ever saw and we believe for sure it was the best of this tour we've seen (6th for now).

Today, the trip return to our home because Basel is too far for us. But we will be in Paris tomorrow, so keep an eye on the marvellous website of Ritchie !

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