Concert Report by Olga
Michael Schenker at Backstage Halle, Munich, Germany
May 7, 2013
Added on 05/13/2013

Hi Ritchie,

here is a report from the sold out gig in Munich, Germany. Earlier this year I won two VIP tickets for this show in a video competition set up by Michael's german label Inakustik. I was accompanied by a good friend of mine, Didi, who was a guitarist for Blue Cheer in the early 90-s. On our drive to Munich I heard some funny stories from their tour with Leslie West's Mountain.

We arrived at the venue early where Michael's son Taro welcomed us and took us inside. With us was a nice couple from the USA who signed for the meet & greet. We got straight to the concert hall where the sound check was starting. We were provided with m&g laminates and Michael's pics which we had signed later. At the stage Doogie was checking vocals, then the band joined him. They played the new song Horizons from the album "Bridge the Gap" which ist due our in November. I don't really remember the two other songs, I think it was Rock My Nights Away and Armed and Ready...

Right after the soundcheck we were taken to the backstage area where we met Michael. We had a nice chat, took pictures with him and had our stuff signed. Michael asked us where we were from. I said "We live in Regensburg, you should remember this town well". What happened in Regensburg in June 1973? Scorpions with Michael, then their member, toured with UFO as their support. Bernie Marsden, UFO guitarist, was not allowed into Germany, so UFO asked Scorpions if they could "borrow" Michael for their show that night. After a short rehearsal in the dressing room Michael played with UFO and the rest ist well known history... This historical gig took place in a big cafeteria where I happen to take my lunch every day...

After meeting Michael we left the venue to get some food. Outside I saw Doogie and Francis chatting with fans. We had a nice chat with our new U.S. friends. Changing stories, we almost missed Absolva, the supporting band from the UK. I only caught last two or three songs. They played some decent classic metal and got very good response from the audience. I bought some merchandize and found myself a spot in the second row. The audience was great, no pushing, no drunks, everybody smiling. After a short changeover MS and the band stormed the stage with a new opener Lovedrive. There were minor changes on the setlist compared to the 2012 tour. The setlist was the same as in Cologne:

The band was very tight, I definitely like this line up. They were lots of smiles and interactions with the audience. Doogies vocals great and he was apparently having a lot of fun performing. Michael was in top form. He moved across the whole stage, smiled a lot and touched hands with the fans between the riffs. Everybody on and in front of stage was having a great time. The sound was very good even in the second row where I wouldn't expect much. Overall, it was a great night again. You could see happy faces everywhere.

Shortly after the gig we had a second meeting with Michael backstage, where we could take some more pics and had a chat again. Michael said he he had a hard time playing due to some monitor issues. His performance was flawless, though.

It was great to see so much talent on the stage and on top of that I having a chance to finally meet my guitar hero. Michael, his son Taro and the crew were very nice and let us feel welcomed. A night to remember!

You can find some pics here:

and videos here:
I'm looking forward to hear the new record "Bridge the Gap". It is supposed to be heavier than the last ones.

Thank you Ritchie for keeping us fans up-to-date, keep on rocking!

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