Concert Report by Alain & Sylvie
Michael Schenker at Le Moloco, Montbeliard, France
May 11, 2013
Added on 05/12/2013

Hi to all,

Audincourt is a small town near Montbeliard which is not far from Switzerland. We arrive during lunch time and unfortunately, a bit too late to eat at a restaurant in this region of France. So we decided to go straight to the venue (Le Moloco) very early, and were surprised to see already lots of Scorpions fans, no chance at all to be at the first row. Chris, from Absolva came to speak to us for a while and we thanks him because it was a long time waiting outside. Absolva came right on time and again, they conquered the audience with the good songs from "Flames of justice" and mostly because they are excellent musicians ! We heard great reviews just after the band came off stage and see people going to buy the CD.

As we were at the second row, we heard all the musicians very well and this venue was built the year before, so the sound was almost perfect. The set-list was as usual and Doogie mixed up a bit the lyrics of "Rock bottom" with his own style and that was great ! Everything was going well until "Blackout", during that song, two guys under drug influence wanted to do a pogo but the audience was somehow quiet and Doogie stopped singing to alert the security people. After the gig, people tended to go the bar and it was sort of strange because before the gig, people were very quiet and very shy and after the gig, they were all drunk, speak loudly and acting strange !

Pure coincidence, we stay at the same hotel as the band. We just saw the right stage tech, the bus driver and the manager at breakfast, we crossed Doogie in the elevator and hear Michael checking out the hotel. Now quiet for two days, we are going to stay in Besancon, to visit this part of France we did not know.

Talk to you later on !

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