Concert Report by Alain & Sylvie
Michael Schenker at Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium
May 10, 2013
Added on 05/11/2013

Hi to all,

After a long drive from Oldenburg to Aachen (nice place to eat and visit), we're heading to Verviers where the venue is called "Spirit of 66". We had already seen MS in 2010 in Verviers (30th anniversary tour) and we thought it's the best place to see Michael Schenker on stage. The venue itself is a cosy club, well situated in the center of Verviers, a small city in Belgium. Like in 2010, the gig was sold out (350) and as we came in front of the doors, Ms and Francis returned to the hotel.

We have plenty of time to discuss with the people that came early (thanks to Alex and Nathalie for the drink !) and it was really interesting to talk to people that had seen MS back in 1979 when he plays with the Scorpions when Mathias Jabs wasn't there.

Again this night, Absolva gained some new fans and they absolutely worth it.

Right on time, the band came on the little stage and this time, due to the good equipment of the Spirit of 66, we heard perfectly well the vocals, and all the sound of Wayne plus the rythm section instead of only ! The gig itself was awesome as it was in Oldenburg, with no barriers, Michael sometimes so near we could see the strings trembling as he plays. The new song "Horizons" received a warm welcome and people went wild when the classics Scorp's songs were played : "Rock you like a hurricane" and "Blackout". Michael really enjoys and winks to the audience at almost every songs. We don't know if it was because of the venue with its load of friendly customers but we found this was the best of the 4 gigs we've seen so far. No technical problems (one string broked at the end of one song but Michael continued to play) and the audience, as always in the Spirit of 66 really loved the set-list.

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