Concert Report by David
MSG at Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA
November 29, 2003

Added on 12/01/2003

Saw the show last night at the Ventura Theater. Michael and the band were right on all night. He is the guitar machine. The front row were guitarists looking for a Michael Schenker lesson, and they got it! Dude was on top of his game. Amy did very well singing and playing some leads. She can rip! I say, sign her up! Most of the set was older stuff. Lots of UFO and pre 1995 Michael Schenker Group. Maybe four or five new tunes. I was miffed when Tony McAlpine and Stu Hamm were not there! This was on the tickets and all advertising right up to the show time. I can't help but feel a little like a "bait and switch" tactic was used. Although the band did kick ass! Great bassist, when he got fast I could still make out what he was playing. All too often bass solos are a waste of time and consist of lame stuff. This guy got together with the drummer and jammed. They kept it short and sweet, like one or two minutes, and got right back to the songs. Nobody else soloed outside the context of the tunes. That was a refreshing change, cut the solos and play songs! The keyboard/guitar player was really good. He kept up with Michael on keys and guitar all night! The singer was fighting a throat problem so he was not hitting the high stuff, but he was good enough for it not to matter.

They had two bands open for them, "Intentional Rage" and "FMF"(Full Metal Force). They were both ok, but listen to way too much Metallica. Also, the sound was shitty till MSG. That is to be expected for opening bands most of the time. Makes the headliner act sound better. One other depressing note, Budweiser is over $6.00 a cup there! Didn't even ask about good beer! Could have thrown in a couple of more bucks and bought a twelve pack!! The audience was peppered with traditional rock sluts and head bangers. Although there were several kids under 18 there to see MSG. It's good to see the younger people appreciate Michael and will learn from him.

All in all the show was good, MSG was great. If you can, go see them!

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