Concert Report by Alain & Sylvie
Michael Schenker at Essigfabrik, Koln, Germany
May 8, 2013
Added on 05/09/2013

Hi to all,

Sylvie and Alain again, going to Oldenburg and coming from Koln (Germany) to relate some events of the "Lovedrive Reunion Tour 2013".

We've had sufficient time to visit Koln during the afternoon. Wonderful city with a huge cathedral and the most important for us : the biggest CD shop of Germany !

We arrived at the venue "Eissigfabrik" very early, before the soundcheck. It is situed again in the suburbs in the middle of an industrial zone. The band arrive just a few minutes later. Francis signed us some autographs and Doogie came back from the stage to say hello to us very friendly. Always a pleasure to see him recognize us !

We tried also to discuss with Michael's son to see the soundcheck but there was no way.

The weather was very bad and we had to wait a long time under the rain, hearing the soundcheck of the support act : Absolva. Here I must remind you who were in Absolva : Chris Appleton and Martin McNee, from the initial band Fury UK, which gave us a really good impression on the MS Tour 2012. The brother of Chris Appleton is now the bass player of Iced Earth and thus, the band change their name and have a new bass player, Dan Bate. When the doors open, we go direct at the front row.

Absolva came on stage at exact time and delivered a good set, based on their CD "Flames of justice" which contains such highlights like "Code red" or "Love to hate".

We did not have to wait long between the bands and MS arrived on stage with a big smile to play "Lovedrive", he never loses it during all the set and sometimes even singing the words of some songs on his lips! There were 300 people and the audience really enjoyed the Scorpions set-list of the night.

Doogie was at his best and we found he handles the Scorpions's songs of the set-list (6 songs) or UFO's (7 songs) better than the MSG ones (7 songs). We were happy to have the return of "Attack of the mad axeman" or "Too hot to handled" back in the set-list and of course, the new song "Horizons" is the best of the show, we don't know if all the songs coming on the new album "Bridge the gap" will have the same power and fastness than this one but it's one hell of a song !

We're heading to the next day on the tour : Oldenburg, north of Germany, near Bremen, and as it is public holiday in the country, it's full of trafic jams everywhere.

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