Concert Report by Alain & Sylvie
Michael Schenker at Alte Seilerei, Mannheim, Germany
May 5, 2013
Added on 05/07&08/2013

Hello to everyone,

Again, it's us, Sylvie and Alain from France and we are very happy to relate some of the highlights of the Michael Shenker's temple of rock Tour 2013.

After a long drive from France to Germany, we arrived in the city of Mannheim, south of Germany, the weather was excellent, and food too. Mannheim is a big town, known for his awkward cut in the center with no names for the streets but letters and numbers like F7, D3, G6, very unusual in Europe.

The venue, in the surburbs like most of the time in Germany, is called "Alte Selerlei" and it is an old factory, transformed in concert hall some years ago.

We came very early to be in front of Michael during the set. So early we see the all band going to eat somewhere, they didn't stop and go direct in the van except Francis, who signed lots of stuff before going in his car. Doogie recognize us after some time and wave cheerfully at us !

A local band, AC Angry, was the opening act for the evening. They delivered a good set, full of energy but not in my taste, not so inspired. The music was too "american hard-rock" oriented and the musicians, although very talented and full of practice gave us the impression of a music too simple.

Thanks to the technical crew of MS, we didn't have to wait so long between the bands. Classical keyboard intro gave place to "Lovedrive", which is a weird song to begin a gig ! I will give you the set-list little by little in the next reviews. The gig was a little longer than the year before and it was the minor changes in the set-list the cause of it.

Michael was in top form. Smiling, singing and going left to right at almost every song. I was the first one to have my hands touched during the intro and the crowd was very enthousiastic and gave a warm welcome to all the songs. It was soo good to see that the Temple of rock of Michael Schenker is now a tight band, they don't hesitate to move and take their marks on stage.

One song take place to another and when "Doctor doctor" fills the room, we found ourselves looking at each other with eyes saying : "ohhh ohhh, it's already the end", we did not feel the time passing but the great thing about seeing them so often is that we know we will be right there in front of the stage on the 8th may.

So, back in just some hours... Time passed slow in the internet...

See you in Koln (Germany).

Alain & Sylvie

Concert Report by Claus
Michael Schenker at Alte Seilerei, Mannheim, Germany
May 5, 2013
Added on 05/07/2013

Hello Ritchie,

as our french friends said, the concert was really superb! From the first song Lovedrive `till to the last one Doctor Doctor the whole band, especially Michael seemed to have a lot of fun and the playing and singing was great. I think, since 2006 Michael is back in a really great shape, I`ve never seen a bad concert since then. Michael entered the stage whith a smiling face, searched the contact with the fans, gave handshaking and that`s through the whole gig. The setlist was the Moscow one. Meanwhile Assault Attack Michael had a problem with his Retro Flying V, but nevertheless, a quick change to the Kaleidoscope V and the show went on. The new song Horizons was because of more loudness the weakest one. I think it`s a good one, maybe not going to be a classic, the bridge and refrain are very good. The main riff was very rough because it was getting louder. After that one, Doogie (a real frontman)and the fans payed tribute to Ronnie Dio and dedicated Before The Devel Knows You`re Dead to the late great singer. I was supprised, the more or less 700 fans made a lot of noise, were singing enthuiastic. Rarebell was suprised, too, how we were singing Rock You Like A Hurricane. We had a very good time. This line up is an incredible one, a tight band, hopefully the new record will convince the "old fans", too. I like to hear new songs as well. But that`s nowadays for every classic rock artist difficult. Maybe the next time they will do Desert Song, I can imagine Doogie singing this one. People go to see this band, be aware of the ex- scorpions!!!

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