Concert Report by David
Michael Schenker at City Hall Salisbury, Salisbury, U.K.
April 18, 2013
Added on 04/19/2013

Hi Ritchie,

Thought I would post a review of last night's gig at Salisbury in Wiltshire, England. Tonight the gig had a change of support band, Virgil and the accelerators were supporting Johnny Winter, so duties fell to "Karelia" not that well known in UK but have done stints for Michael and also the Scorpions in Europe. Karelia performed okay but there are surely better UK support bands that could have started the show off and bonded better with the audience.

To the main course and Michael and the boys arrived on stage at 9pm sharp, Michael being the first on stage and whizzing through Lovedrive and Another Piece of Meat, thought Lovedrive is a strange opener. It is clear as the evening progresses that Doogie is settling into the role of Lead Singer and is cementing himself as a good singer with an excellent range which suits the set list containing songs from Mogg/Barden/Bonnet and Meine. Throughout the band were exceptionally tight, Herman always impressing with his drumming as well as being such a nice guy off stage. Herman in accompanied by his fellow Scorpion Francis on Bass and as per Stewart's recent review a dead ringer for Bill Nighy. Wayne on guitar and keyboards has supported Michael incredibly well over the years and it is great to see him taking on extra guitar duties. Armed and Ready was a crowd pleaser nicely rolling into Rock My Nights Away.

The new song Horizons is an absolute blast and if this is a representative sample of what to expect from the new album "Bridge the Gap" then we are in for a real treat.

Doogie comes into his own on Before the Devil knows you're Dead singing Dio-esq style. The part of the show that the audience really starts to waken-up is when the stream of UFO numbers begin, Only You Can Rock Me, Shoot Shoot, Lights Out and Too Hot to Handle get the audience singing. Micheal's playing is exemplary and it is a sheer joy to see him in excellent health and playing with a freedom that we all remember.

Two encores, first allowing Wayne to take lead on Rock You Like a Hurricane (Herman doing his audience participation slot - always a crowd pleaser) and Blackout. The second encore begins with the beautiful rendition of Holiday. As always Michael finishes with Doctor Doctor which never fails to impress the emotions, everyone singing, punching fists in the air, jumping up and down. Another great night on the tour , Salisbury had a truly great gig, the band were on fire, now its time for throat lozenges to soothe the lost voice. Thanks guys for a great night .

David C Whitfield

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