Concert Report by Stewart
Michael Schenker at The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, U.K.
April 10, 2013
Added on 04/15/2013


Thought i would post a review of the gig at the Lemon Tree. It was sold out and although a small venue the crowd tonight were excellent and made it feel like a bigger gig as the singing was quite loud. Virgil and the accelerators were support and i thought they were pretty good. Michael and band were on at 9 and the time flew past as they went through the usual current set list. Michael was awesome tonight every solo was either a slight twist on the originals or note perfect as on the strangers version of Let it Roll. Dougie is a good vocalist but did occasionally forget to come in at the right time and i'm sure mixed up some words from time to time. This is only a small grip as his range is great and he did get the crowd to sing a decent version of Flower of Scotland. The rhythm section were tight as you would expect from Herman Rarebell and Frances Bucholz. Wayne Findley as always was Michaels right hand man, although he was well down in the mix. I really enjoyed the gig although i would have liked to hear maybe a couple more MSG tracks, mind you as the Scorpions appear to have not had a good enough offer to come to the uk it was good to hear some tracks live again, as Glasgow O2 a few years ago was the last time i had seen them. Thanks to the guys for coming to Aberdeen, a great night was had by all.

Hope to see them again soon


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