Concert Report by Paul
Michael Schenker at O2 Academy Newcastle, Newcastle, U.K.
April 12, 2013
Added on 04/13/2013

Hi Ritchie

hope you are doing well here is a review of the Newcastle show from which I have just returned.

There is more than an element of "Still Crazy" about the current temple of rock/lovedrive reunion lineup. The bassman bearing more than a passing resemblance to Bill Nighy and Doogie with his rock cliche poses but you know it works. This show was a slow burner. Lovedrive is a great song but it is not a show opener and I am afraid the mix was poor for most of the show with Michael's guitar to far back at times never a good thing. But that aside as the show went on the performances particularly from the mad axeman himself began to overtake the reservations. His guitar work on Into the arena and then holiday were superb.

The big jewel in the crown was the return to the UFO standards as we were treated to Shoot Shoot, let it roll, only you can rock me and to hot to handle before finishing the main set with Lights out. These songs represent Schenkers best work when he was at his peak and in a brilliant song writing relationship with messrs Way and Mogg and have never been bettered. Just listen to the crowd reaction they were all singing along many of whom would only have been kids and some not even born when these songs came out so its a clear demonstration of their class and popularity.

We then had the Rockbottom solo to enjoy Michael was on fire by now and delivered one of the best solos in this song I have heard from him for a while. That is not to say the other recent ones have been bad it was just that this one was better. His fingers were flying!

Now Michael how about a UFO reunion tour? The full force it album played live for the first time. Just a thought but what a show that would be!

Set list was as per the russian link you put up but just in a slightly different order

cheers Ritchie

Paul Dunn

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