Concert Report by Steve F.
Michael Schenker Group at House of Blues, Chicago, IL, U.S.A.
October 30, 2012
Added on 11/01/2012

Hey Ritchie,

Got another show under my belt, and was it a good one!

First, Chicago has been a 'hometown crowd' for Michael Schenker since Strangers In The Night, and there were 'old folks' like me there with vintage tour shirts along with many newer shirts. I think that as I get older I appreciate shows like these so much more than I ever could have as a 'kid'.

The excellent T. D. Clark opened the night with some smoking guitar shredding. His band were extremely good also, but I wished at least One song would have vocals. Still, I can't take anything away from him. His new album 'Shredtime Stories' is available through Favored Nations, and if Steve Vai backs it, it's Good!

So anyways, MSG opened again with 'Lovedrive' and the crowd went nuts. 'Into The Arena' was about the time when everything really seemed to elevate to the next level, the energy from the crowd feeding the band to even higher levels. By the time the UFO 'mini set' came the crowd was absolutely wild, and Michael looked very happy, rocking and playing with the front-row audience, pointing out people, just really connecting with his 'hometown' crowd'.

The band were on fire, and you couldn't tell how tired they must have been after 8 days straight, especially David. How he keeps his voice so strong is a wonder. There was an issue during Lights Out where Michael had to change guitars, and he finished the show with an older V that he hadn't played the last few nights. I thought it sounded great, like a little 'older' tone for him, and it was perfect for Rock Bottom's long solos.

On the way back home to Milwaukee, we passed the Tour Bus as it turned West heading off into the night...enjoy a couple days off guys, and California get Ready To Rock!

Many Thanks for all your efforts, without you and your site so many fans like me would have no idea what was going on with MSG.


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