Concert Report by Steve F.
Michael Schenker Group at Red Mouse, Middleton, WI, U.S.A.
October 29, 2012
Added on 10/30/2012


Saw last night's show at the Red Mouse, Cross Plains, WI...

Located just outside of Madison, the Red Mouse was not very well attended. Seems the promoter didn't do an excellent job of, well, Promoting. The fans that were there were treated to a blazing show in an almost 'intimate' environment.

The setlist was the same as other nights, and the band really seemed to have a lot of fun rocking, joking and general tomfoolery during the show. Shows how well these guys like each other, and the fans are the winner of all this chemistry! Michael was in very good spirits, interacting with the crowd, smiling, slapping hands and aiming his various Dean guitars at the fans throughout the show. His playing was flawless, precise and clean...Michael makes it look so effortless. A true Guitar God!

Unlike last night at Shank Hall, the UFO songs didn't seem as rushed, and Rock Bottom was SO PERFECT we all were just left standing there, amazed!

I'm really warming up to 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead', and David Van Landing's vocals on it are so great, he takes 'Doogie's song' and really makes it his own! And how he keeps his voice so strong after seven nights in a row is amazing.

Well, off to the House Of Blues, Chicago for another night of truly memorable rock.

If MSG is touring anywhere near you, GO!

...attached are some photos...


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