Concert Report by steVe
Michael Schenker Group at Neisen's Sports Bar & Grill, Savage, MN, U.S.A.
October 27, 2012
Added on 10/28/2012 & 10/30/2012

Hey Ritchie, ( I hope all is well with you - keep up the great work on the site!!!)

WOW!!!! What a night!

A review to follow.


review and a few more pics

What an incredible night. I signed up for the VIP package through Michael's official site

Taro Schenker, Michael's son sets up the whole VIP thing (just email him), What a great kid! Between Taro and the tour manager they totally took care of us. It couldn't have been better. First you meet for the sound check which was Lovedrive and Rock my nights away, WOW! what a treat. During this time (before , after in-between the 2 songs) with his amp turned really low you're seeing / hearing Michael going through his warm up routine, just blazing away on the fretboard going through riff after riff. The band seemed really loose and joking around at this time. After the sound check Taro set us up in a private off stage area to meet Michael, at this time we were able to visit with Michael for about 20 minutes, he signed all our stuff and we're able to get our pics taken with him. Michael was so nice and cordial making you feel very comfortable. Just an incredible experience! Then just after 10:00 PM MS takes the stage and flawlessly performs the same set list as previous shows. They played straight through, no encore per say, just included as part of the entire set. Michael was full of energy and smiles all night. He looks great and is playing at the top of his game - A PHENOMENAL PERFORMANCE. About 40 minutes after the show the tour manager took us (VIP's) to the tour bus. The door opens and there's the entire band waiting for us, WOW!! Another 20-30 minutes to visit with all the band, time to take more pics if wanted. I can't say enough how nice Michael, the band, Taro and tour manger were to us. Truly a night to remember.

best regards

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