Concert Report by John
Michael Schenker Group at Peabody's, Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.
October 25, 2012
Added on 10/28/2012

Wanted to give you my review of the Michael Schenker show last Thursday in Cleveland. I have also attached a link with some photos I took (dropbox link you can configure as you see fit to post on your site/link etc).

Michael was last in Cleveland in March, so it was a treat to get a return visit so soon. I said after the March show that it was absolutely phenomenal, and that it would be tough to top. Well, Michael did just that last Thursday in Cleveland. If there is such a thing as a flawless performance this was as close to it as I think I'll ever see...simply fantastic!

The setlist was essentially the same, but I thought Van Landing did a great job, sang with power, emotion, and range. The band was tight, and very much into returning the high energy being supplied by the rowdy crowd in attendance. And Michael played with absolute precision, energy and joy, interacting with the crowd from the opening Lovedrive, to the finish with Doctor.

Michael Schenker is a true icon, and I couldn't help but to simply savor every minute, all the while not wanting the show to end. If Michael is coming to your city, don't miss never know when it might be the last time around. I would venture to say that he is enjoying himself and playing his best that at any point in his career! What a show!

The only downer is that for some reason my brother got tossed out for filming with his iphone right after Love to Love. The crazy part is that there were at least 50 other people filiming.... So, I guess the lesson there is be careful, or risk not seeing the entire show.

Here is the link to my pics....use them as you see fit...

PICS LINK: clicking on pics will get you to a higher resolution pic.....


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