Concert Report by Skid
Michael Schenker Group at Rodeo Nightclub, San Jose, CA, U.S.A.
October 4, 2012
Added on 10/06/2012

Oct. 4 2012 San Jose CA, Rodeo Nightclub

The second night of the tour had a little bit bigger crowd in a much bigger venue than Modesto. The promoter from Man Down Productions was all over the place, smiling and hugging bands and fans. While enduring a few small sound issues, MSG again blistered through the set of Michael's classic songs. David Van Landing's singing was strong, enveloping the crowd with energy from all era's of Michael's career. The crowd in front of Michael was packed with fans holding cameras and cellphones, recording the event before them. At times I wish MSG had the success to play larger arenas to a bigger fan base but I selfishly love the intimacy of these small clubs and am so thankful to see this band as much as I have over the last decade. Since I always seem to be transfixed on Michael during his solo of "Rock Bottom" I purposely stood behind one of the many posts holding up the ceiling where my view of Michael was blocked. I watched Wayne, Elliott, and Pete back up Michael's tremendous playing with an equally fantastic display of musicianship on this crowd pleasing classic. To end the night, Michael's other signature song "Doctor Doctor" was played as the encore. Guitarist Phil Demmel from the Bay Area rock band Machine Head joined MSG onstage with an awesome looking black and white V that I don't think was a Gibson or a Dean. As the song came to a close, Phil interacted with Michael on the ending and then held out a sharpie, flipped over his guitar and had Michael autograph his axe, while Michael continued to play one handed!

I can not stress enough how great the band is and how awesome the many exuberant fans are too. MSG are blessed to have such great and loyal fans and we in turn are blessed to see such a great rock band at it's best. I look forward to reading other reactions from fans at the other stops on this tour. Many thanks to you, Ritchie for keeping all of us informed on all that is Schenker, you are the hub that we all visit to keep up with the arguably greatest and influential guitar player of his generation.

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