Concert Report by Sylvie & Alain
MSG at Le Forum, Vaureal, France
May 24, 2012
Added on 05/25/2012

Hi Ritchie,

Again, Sylvie and Alain from France, back on the "Temple of rock" tour 2012. Time for us to be almost at home with this lovely venue in the far suburbs of Paris (Le Forum). Needless to say, when we live south of Paris, going to the north is really like an expedition (a 100 km drive !) and thus, we're only at second row this evening. First, it was time for Hanging doll, a British band to warm up the people (they were almost cooked, anesthetized by the warm...) and it was not the music of this group (although excellent) that give some entertainment for us (except for the last song, a new one). Sound was ok and for a 6 members band, the sound man had done a remarkable work. We even heard the lovely Sally Holliday singing with big smiles a large and representative set based on their last album : "The sacred and profane".

Even if we were second row, everyone on stage recognize us and points some woinks and smiles at us during all the set. Is it because of the warm (I have the impression that Michael plays more "tight" when it's warm on stage) ? Because the gig was sold-out or just because MS likes France very much ? I really don't know but Michael this evening, was at the top top top of his playing AND goes for every song at center on stage, making fun with Francis. His smile never quits his face and if there were some video extracts posted by some fans here, don't miss them, you will rapidly understand this gig was far beyond the debut of the tour in Germany, some weeks ago...

About the set, same titles as usual, highlights were the Scorpions tracks and the MSG tracks. The funny things is that UFO was at the same place the week before ! Doogie seems a bit lost during "On and on", like usual and i'm pretty sure he looks at me and my wife to say "ooops, i'm wrong here !"which was very funny. I really like his way of singing "Assault attack" and "Blackout", the purest will says he's not doing the same as the former singers of these tracks, but the "Doogie touch" made them more sing-along possible with the public, and this is great !

A shame we couldn't stay a little bit after the gig to say goodbye to the band, crew and manager... (a big thank you to the manager for the signing session in Erfurt).

But we will be back in a few weeks for what seems to be one of the last gig of the "temple of rock" european tour in Juan- Les-Pins, south of France with guests Uli Jon Roth (will they play something from "Taken by force", my favorite Scorpions album ?), I'll keep you informed just after the gig, in July.

All the best

Alain & Sylvie

(Some pictures will follow)

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