Concert Report by Axel
MSG at Spectrum Club, Berlin, Germany
May 16, 2012
Added on 05/17/2012

Hello Ritchie,

here is my review from Berlin, last night.

I tried to attend the signing-session at the local store, but as there were more than 50 people already cuing, I decided to leave after 30mins of waiting, as Michael has not arrived by 06.00pm (session was scheduled for 05.30 pm) and I had to meet wirh my homies at a pup near the venue in order to get "armed and ready" :-)

Michael did play the same venue as last time, when he did play Berlin back in 2006.
But nearly everything has changed since then - and turned for good: In 2006 Michael had Wanye (as always), Rev, I guess Pete Holmes and Jari with him - now the Scorps, Wayne, and Doogie.
Next thing concerns the audience: Yesteday there were around 300-400 people - back in 2006 barely 150!!!
And - of course - Michael himself has changed. His 2006 concert was very disappointing, as Michael was in such a tragic shape and constituition back then.

But yesterday... WOW!

The setlist was nearly the same as in Tilburg, except "Hanging On", which was not included.

The Band played ok - not like a really well oiled machine, but solid and still ok.
Michael seemed to enjoy the whole show and there was a lot of interaction with the audience and many smiles on his face - it's really good to see him like this.
His playing was absolutely ok (we don't really have to talk about his unique tone and feeling here!), a little sloppy at the beginning ("Into the Arena" was not really tight, very laid back - but hey, that's RNR!), but absolutely great in the end, with the well known highlights in the middle section of "Rock Bottom".
The sound was not that good, a little mushy, so Michael's tone did not come as "cleaer" as we know and love it - but far better than 2006.
Doogie is a really nice and friendly entertainer, great job, BUT to be fair, he really had a hard time with the setlist, as nearly all the old tunes does not match with his vocal-range. He really tried hard and gave his best, but all the high passages and notes were just out of his reach. Nevertheless, he gave 100% and made it more then up with his nice entertainment. The whole group seemed to enjoy the show and it was really well appreciated by the audience.

I brought along 7 friends of mine, 6 did never attend a MSG-show before, one of them didn' t even know Michael :-)
All of them where "blown away" and we had a great time.
Sad that there was hardly any merch, just two shirts, but all regular sizes out of stock (only 2 or 2x XL left, which means, that I would have to drink more beer to make them fitting... just kidding :-) )

Just one last thing...
Although Michal really seemd to enjoy the show - he looks so goddamn skinny!
I hope he's fine, but he looks so fragile and I think his eyes show a real tiredness, which made me a little sad.
I really hope the best for him, maybee he should take a break and slow down a little. A friend of mine (the one who didn't know him before) said, he looks like a "candle burning on both ends"...

That's ist for now,

all the best to you and greetings from Berlin, Germany,


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