Concert Report by Sven
MSG at Capitol, Hannover, Germany
May 15, 2012
Added on 05/16/2012

Hi everyone,

just got back from the Hannover concert at the Capitol. This was my second show during this tour after the Krefeld gig some weeks ago. What a great show in Hannover. It is nice to see how the band improved in the meantime regarding the team play. Doogie is a very good choice and he knows how to entertain the audience.

The venue was not sold out, but approx. 700 people were there. Hannover is the hometown of the Scorpions. Especially with three members of them it was an easy game for the band to catch the audience.

The usual set list was played, but with one big surprise. Michael Voss came on stage and played, without Doogie, "Hanging on". That was cool, because I always wondered why they didnft play this great track live. During the show the crowd getting more and more enthusiastic. Perfect!!!

Michael was in a very good shape. He enjoyed a lot the applause and smiled a lot during the show. It is also nice to see that all members have big fun on stage.

"Holiday" is still wonderful to hear.

Michael wearing today Nike shoes, no Osiris ;)

Here are some photos of the show, sorry for the blur.

Best regards from Germany


Concert Report by Stefan
MSG at Capitol, Hannover, Germany
May 15, 2012
Added on 05/18/2012

Hello Ritchie & Schenkerheads all around the world,

after reading, and watching the pics & clips for over two years now on this amazing fansite (!!!), it's time to contribute at least some lines about the recent concert at the CAPITOL in Hannover.

It was the first time for Michael to play in Hannover since 2006, when he played at a much smaller venue (Musikzentrum). In 2010 I saw him at Verviers, Belgium an last year in Kerkrade, Netherlands, where he played in even smaller ones (200 people attending in Belgium and some 100+ at Kerkrade).

So I was quite excited, when the Hannover gig was announced. The venue (Capitol) is a former cinema with a big balcony (a bit like a smaller version of the Hammersmith Odeon) and holds a capacity of 1.600. So after my last experiences concerning attendance, there was one question in my head: IS THERE ANYBODY THERE???

According to local press 800 people Schenkerheads showed up. The balcony was only half-opened (only first rows) so the venue seemed quite filled. The atmosphere was definitly there, the crowd was armed & ready...and so was Michael.
I must say that his playing gets better from year to year. It was very cool to hear some older UFO tunes from him except the troika of LIGHTS, DOCTOR and BOTTOM. "Shoot shoot" was a highlight. Herman could have hit a little harder but it was fun watching him and Francis trading big smiles throughout the gig. Wayne, as always, did well and even delivered some heavy duty lead guitar work on "Hurricane" and synchronising perfectly with Michael on "COAST". Doogie sang very good but his vocals were a bit messed up in the PA-Mix, also he had some lyric mistakes, but come on, better to make some mistakes than to use teleprompters or other devices. But since the venue is very tall, it is very difficult to get a good sound in there. Technically he is one of the best: after Blackmore, also Schenker has judged so. (And wasn't it a certain Steve Harris, who wanted to have him replacing Dickinson back in the days?)

Crowd reaction was...hey you know this is Scorpions Homeland! So what do YOU expect??? G:R:E:A:T!

I only hope that Michael sticks to this line-up. Would be worth another album with Doogie leading the vocal charge. Michael Voss, who appeared also for "HaNGING ON" just sounds a little know crusisin down Santa Monica Boulevard with the top rolled down... ;)

Lights out for now,


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