Concert Report by Peter
MSG at Podium 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands
May 13, 2012
Added on 05/14/2012

Hi Ritchie,

Just came back from the 013/ Tilburg gig and I had to drop you a line to let you know how this show turned out. All I can say was, it was absolutely incredible.. Loved every minute of it!
Michael, Wayne, Francis, Doogie and Herman really rocked the house. The sound was crystal clear and Michael was absolutely fantastic, he looked happy and really enjoyed himself. The big news is that 013/ Tilburg was filmed for a forthcoming DVD. I tried to count the number of cameras recording the show , and saw at least 7 of them around the venue including little camera's for the individual bandmembers.
013 is one of the finest venues of the Netherlands, with a great view and excellent sound. That's in my opinion the reason why they chose Tilburg to film the DVD. Michael Voss even came on stage to do the guest vocals for 'Hanging On'.
Again, I was very impressed by Doogie as singer. He has tremendous stage presence...a great pleasure to watch.
The guys worked really well together. Overall, the crowd was enthusiastic.. the UFO and Scorpions songs were the ones that got the loudest crowd reaction.

Into The Arena, Armed And Ready, Lovedrive, Another Piece Of Meat, Hanging On (Michael Voss), Cry For The Nations, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Coast To Coast, Assault Attack, Before The Devil Knows You're Dead, Lights Out, On And On, Let It Roll, Shoot Shoot, Rock You Like A Hurricane, Rock Bottom
Encores: Holiday, Blackout, Doctor Doctor
Grz, Peter

Concert Report by Slyvie & Alain
MSG at Podium 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands
May 13, 2012
Added on 05/15/2012

Hi Ritchie,

Again, Alain & Sylvie back on the "Temple of rock" Tour 2012. 5 hours drive to get there in Tilburg, in the center of The Netherlands. We were lucky to have chosen (without knowing) a hotel only a few meters from the venue (the 013) and guess who was waiting the elevator when it was time to reach the Dommelsch Zaal, yessss ! Michael himself. We shake hands and he said to us : "see you this evening" ! He seems very happy and warmful to be there.

The wait was a bit long but it was worth because once again, we were at the 1st front row which was unusually far from the scene.Fury UK was the support act and deliver the same set as before, playing most of their last album. Nice to see the musicians recognise us and were well received by the audience. No time lose between the suppot and Michael but there were a guy that install so much cameras that it was impossible not to miss it: release of a DVD tonight : yeah !

Michael and friends came on stage and we were surprise by the quality of sound and light. This time, we hear also the keyboards, the rythm guitar and Doogie who was in top form.

After the "Scorpions part", we were very surprised to see Michael Voss came on stage to play and sing "Hangin'on". It was nice to see a different set than in Germany. After that, the band was back on tracks and there were only a slight problem during "Let sleeping dogs lie" (guitar detuned) and minor lyrics error (the trademark of Doogie ? lol).

It seems all the band takes a lot of pleasure being on stage and public gave a warm response to the Scorpions and UFO's tracks

Just after the show, we went back to the hotel and wait some time to see if Michael could sign some of our CD's. It was Herman that shows first in the hotel, he approached us very friendly and he had the same impression as us : Tilburg was really better than Germany. After a while, it was time to see Michael. He recognised us and asks how many gigs we've seen before and how it was today. We respond the sound and light was the better of the 4 gigs we've seen so he went outside to call Chris (sound tech) and we have some talk there, in the hotel hall. He was visibly happy to hear what we are saying and sign some boxes and the vinyl edition of "Temple of rock" we've buyed some days before.

We waited again to see if the other musicians will come but it begins to be very late and we were tired.

Hope some Dutch people will send better pictures than mine (I just take pictures as "souvenirs"), otherwise, Ritchie can put mine in his website.

10 days to the next gig : Vaureal (near Paris), France. It will be good to be kind of "at home" and seeing a sold-out concert.

I will try to keep you informed as well as before.

All the best,

Alain & Sylvie.

Concert Report by Anno
MSG at Podium 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands
May 13, 2012
Added on 05/17/2012 & 05/18/2012

he ritchie..last show at the 013 tilburg was great..40 minutes fury uk was very good.the lead guitar-singer did a sort off michael angelo batio moves at the end..really really good..than the temple of rock show..the started with into the arena en than i noticed everywhere were camera,s installed..later on, the told us that the tilburg show will be on dvd...michael schenker,s playing was superb..herman rarebell on the hitting,and thats what he did..a great drummer..francis bucholz bassplaying was like that he was always in the band..this man had a lot a fun..doogie white had in my opinion short on sleep [:-)] but anyway he is a great singer and entertainer..the surprise was michael voss singing and guitarplaying hanging on..great vocalist as well..and i will end with the man who is in my opinion the engine of the msg train..wayne findlay..this man was pulling doogie through the whole show..he also did a lot off scorpions solo,s, this man is the man i want in my band haha...anyway my throat is coming back now,that means i had a beatiful and very good musical night...greetings anno

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