Concert Report by Olga
MSG at Spectrum Club, Augsburg, Germany
April 29, 2012
Added on 04/30/2012

Hi Ritchie,

I have just posted on youtube a Rock Bottom video from yesterday's gig in Augsburg. One or two other clips may follow.

Greetings to Japan,

Concert Report by Sylvie and Alain
MSG at Spectrum Club, Augsburg, Germany
April 29, 2012
Added on 05/01/2012

Hi Ritchie,

Last part of our 4 gigs trip in Germany with a sunday in Augsburg. The town was under a brilliant shiny sun and people are doing the German way of life (drinking and eating ice-creams at the numerous terraces in the centre of the town).

We arrived early at the venue (Spectrum) and waited patiently for the doors to open. After 45 minutes wait, Fury UK came on stage to do their set, special mention this evening to Chris Appleton who went wild during the last song ("Death by lightning"). In Fact their set tonight was totally successful and people even ask for an encore, no doubt they've done better sales of their new DVD. Note that we have the chance to see Luke Appleton (bass palayer) for last times before his departure to the band Iced Earth...

No technical problems this evening and Michael came into the arena with a smile. After "Armed and ready", he ask the guitar tech to put up the volume but it was already at the max, we thought he was troubled because this time we hear almost every instruments on stage and not only himself.

Highlights of the evening were "Before the devil" and "On and on", people were at the top for singing "Rock you like a hurricane" and "Holiday" (a lot of Scorpions fans tonight...). The band seems more relax and cool than ever and Michael goes often at the center of stage to have fun with the first rows. People also made a huge welcome to the 2 songs introducing the "Force it" album.

Maybe it was because of the weather (it was very very hot in the venue) but the atmosphere was cool and very nice.

We will see the band again in Vaureal (near Paris) SOLD-OUT !!! and in the Netherlands in a few days. We really hope to see them as well as these pasted four days...

A big thank you to Ritchie to have related our "tour" in his website and thus sharing with all the planet the pleasure to see Michael Schenker playing better and better each night.

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