Concert Report by Sylvie and Alain
MSG at Gewerkschaftshaus, Erfurt, Germany
April 28, 2012
Added on 04/30/2012

Hi Ritchie,

After a relatively short drive from Hannover to Erfurt, we have enough time to discover a beautiful city, under a bright and brilliant sky and temperature well above the 20°C.

A rapid typical Thuringian lunch (sausage with bread and beer), and we intend to go to the venue to wait for some autographs.

There were three people (from Brazil !) waiting already and we have a nice chat with them. Finally, the band arrive after Michael (his hotel was 300 meter from the "Hsd hall".

Herman, Francis, Wayne and Doogie signed our poster (friendly given by the tourist info in Erfurt) and Doogie did stay with the Brasilian guys some time to time before the soundcheck.

That was him who told us there will be a signing session in a big commercial centre nearby. So, after the balance, we decided to go to the shop and get our CD's signed. We must thank here the manager of the tour which was very friendly with us and gave us permission to sign ALL the stuff we bring (that was close to 30 Cd's !). Michael take times to look at the William Shatner CD to see where he is credited and all the atmosphere was very cool and decontracted. We even get the chance to buy the vynil edition of "Temple of rock".

Time for us to discover the hotel and get some rest before the evening.

Doors open on time and a hundred people came in (rest come slowly). A short wait and Fury UK came on stage to deliver their usual set. Special mention to the excellent "I see red" and "Athena",a false slow song full of energy and feeling.

After the "Shatner" speech of the "Temple of rock" album, it was time for Michael and his friends to go "Into the Arena". Doogie came "Armed and ready" to sing all the set with his powerful voice. A change of guitar later and the Scorpions songs fill the room. The Hsd venue isn't really a concert hall, so we were a bit disapointed about the light and sound (especially the vocals) because at the front row, we heared nothing but the guitar, but it was a Schenker show, he plays far far better than a few years ago, transforming each MSG songs like "Cry for the nations" or "Let sleepings dogs lie" into little gems. No lost time between the songs and it was surprisingly time already for the highlights of the evening with "Lights out", the splendid "On and on", "Let it roll" and "Shoot shoot" played a la perfection.

During "Rock bottom", Michael take pictures of the crowd, still playing ! and we have the chance to touch his hands during "Doctor doctor". Just before that last song, they continue to experiment the "rock" part of "Holiday" with a solo improvisation of Michael at the end of the slow part (they rehearsed that part in the afternoon).

A very nice day that gave us the opportunity to see Michael some time off stage.

Heading to Augsburg, 427 km to go...

Sylvie and Alain

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