Concert Report by Jim
MSG at Austin's Fuel Room, Libertyville, IL, U.S.A.
March 1, 2012
Added on 03/02/2012

Hi Ritchie,

Here is a review of MSG show at Austin's. I was shocked when I learned that Michael was going to be playing at Austin's Fuel Room in Libertyville, IL about 30 miles north of the city of Chicago, which has been a hotbed for Michael since he first arrived with UFO at the Aragon in '74 or '75. None the less, I made the trek up north. I found Austin's to be a cool room with an accommodating staff and pretty good food. I got there in time for T.D. Clark who put on quite a performance featuring his new CD Shreddtime Stories.

I prepared myself for the show by checking out the setlist and watching a few video's posted on your site. I quickly decided this was a can't miss show. Boy, am I glad I made the trip. From the Into the Arena opener to the closing of Doctor Doctor, Michael provided 2 hours of intense playing of many of his best songs. I always thought Robin was a good vocalist, but I did not particularly like that era of the band since his vocals tended to dominate the music over Michael's guitar. Just my opinion of course. The exception was "Save Yourself" which for me was the 1st highlight of the night. Others included "Love to Love" and the rest of the UFO catalogue. Michaels set was far different than many others over the years. It was almost like a mini Michael Schenker Story. I was really pleased the way Robin handled the vocals on all of the songs. The whole band was in sync and it showed. Michael's live sound and tone was as clean as always. He looks like he is in a good place in life and thoroughly enjoyed himself. It's a shame this was a 21 and over crowd since next generation needs to see this legend in action. I fit right into the 50 and over crowd. As Michael would say, "Keep on Rockin"!!!

Jim Kalin

Concert Report by Tom
MSG at Austin's Fuel Room, Libertyville, IL, U.S.A.
March 1, 2012
Added on 04/04/2012

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