Concert Report by Jon Storback
MSG at 9 One 9 Nightclub, Victoria, BC, Canada
February 20, 2012
Added on 02/29/2012

Hi Ritchie,
Here is a review, or an account of our experience watching the McCauley Schenker Group play in Victoria on Feb. 20th. The venue is a small night club in the basement of the Strathcona Hotel. Small stage, with a sunken pit for dancing etc. We arrived during the opener Sonic Doom, a local metal band from Victoria. They pounded it out! We were lucky enough to score seats on the rail looking over the floor, a mere 10ft. from the stage! That put us pretty much eye level with the band! We slid in with some people from Vancouver who came over for the show. I asked the bouncer outside how many people they expected for the show, and he said he hoped 200, but at that point had only sold about 125 tickets. Oh yeah, it cost us $25.00 to get in, and my friend Steve said he felt that it was almost too cheap for what we saw! It ranks as the best value for a show I have seen. The band came out to a small roar, from the people who came out on this raining Monday night. In to the Arena, then Armed, ya! Onto the Scorpions songs, with Robin getting us to yell the "love drive" part! He kept saying Vancouver, when he talked to the crowd, we knew what he meant though! Surprise #1, the solo in Save Yourself, Michael playing as well as I have heard him. Next cool moment, Let sleeping Dogs Lie! Thunder drums and tight band sound with great sounding vocals, awesome. Then an energetic Rock my nights away, before asking the crowd if we wanted to hear some UFO! Biggest surprise, Love to Love, never thought they would play this song, didn't see it on any setlists prior, so when I heard the opening I just about died! One of my all time favorites by UFO. Girl beside me says "Natural Thing" is her favorite UFO song! I was impressed! More UFO, more solos and sing alongs! Then On and On, a rock masterpiece I have waited over 30 years to see played live. And it didn't disappoint. Pete Holmes was perfect for this song on drums. Really well done, and of course the ripping solo by Michael! Rock Bottom, epic length, the solo was long and awesome! Just when I thought we had seen it all! Doctor Doctor to finish, another rocker and classic. Just under 2 hours worth of MSG!!!! A great show and would like to thank Michael and band for coming to Victoria. We made the trek down from Campbell River, our friend that lives in Victoria "couldn't make it", due to prior plans to go to a Jann Arden concert with his girlfriend!! He was not happy! We definitely were! After the show outside, he signed one item for everyone that was there. I got him to sign my original UFO Phenomenon album right below his picture! It was the only one there!!, he smiled when he saw it! We started up the street by the hotel, and my friend noticed Michael trying to get into the hotel, the inside doors were locked. SO he started pounding on them telling them to open the doors for him. Michael was cool about it, and posed for a picture with us, talked for a bit then we took off. A great night of music and memories. Oh yeah, we walked around the city and found some posters for the show we delicately removed from billboard polls!! That's it Ritchie, thanks for doing all the work on this website!!!

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