Concert Report by Johnny
MSG at 4th & B, San Diego, CA, U.S.A.
February 26, 2012
Added on 02/27/2012

Hi Ritchie,

I wanted to give you a report from last nights show here in San Diego. Judging from the most recent set list I saw a few days ago, I think they followed that latest one exactly. The band came out in fine form and "stretched out" to get ready for a night of great musicianship with the Anthem " Into The Arena". Then on to "Armed and Ready" and then the two Scorpions killers; "Lovedrive" and "Another Piece Of Meat", which they really nailed, especially Robin! He sounds so great still, where the last few tours with Gary, I felt sorry for the guy. He simply could NOT hit the highs anymore. While Robin still can, I assure you! I took a lot of pictures and videos which I'll include, although a forewarning: One or two may cut short. My apologies. I had to go in and remove pictures DURING the show, to make room for more! It was a FANTASTIC SHOW! Michael, like a fine wine, continues to improve with age, but I must admit. I'm actually becoming concerned at how thin he is. It's not right. It's been great since he quit drinking, and to lose weight then is normal, but now he is becoming almost frail looking, he's so thin. I bet he doesn't even weigh 140 pounds! His arms are so thin, it's scary. I really, really pray that he's OK and just went a little too far to lose weight, and he puts some back on! Make sure if they're coming to your town, you go see them Michael and Robin have always had a special sound together, and last night reaffirmed that. One last note: The whole band is great (As ALWAYS!), but I have to give a special shout out to Pete Holmes on drums! Carmine, or nobody else for that matter, smashes the skins any harder than Pete! The dude is a MONSTER!

OK. That's it Ritchie. Thanks for continuing to carry the torch for all of us who love Michael's music so, so much. Axe too! I get great YouTubes from him all the time.

I hope you like the pictures and videos.
Your friend in the USA.
Johnny Joseph
Solana Beach, CA

Here are some YouTubes I shot last night. Sound is a little muddy, but that's what you get with an IPhone from 15 feet away! Hope your fans like them.

They can go into my YouTube and watch anything else I have.

It's chitownbluesy

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