Concert Report by Scott
MSG at Marquee 15, Corona, CA, U.S.A.
February 24, 2012
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well just gat back for the corona show, we drove over from phoenix. well first and foremost i want to thank elliott rubinson, for putting me and my wife on the guest list. what a generous guy he really is.

well the club was not too bad. the only draw back it had was the corral the had for standing in front of the stage is too small. the have a bunch of seating crowding the floor for what i quess is the dinner area.

well i have been to like 40 michael shows. and i have to say this was the best set list ever. the band was tight and michael played great. robin had a couple of mic problems, but they worked through them and the show was great. the set list is the same as the previous nights.

what a show, and this line up is awesome, robin is great with the crowd. a must see for any schenker fan. 1 more month they will be here in phoenix. so i will be doubling up for sure. thanx ritchie for the great web site. ill have some pics and some video to you soon buddy.

scott wright

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