Concert Report by Mike
MSG at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA, U.S.A.
February 19, 201211
Added on 02/21/2012

Michael played Seattle last night and sick as a dog, I dragged my tail off the couch - things we do in the name of rock n' roll! Good thing the venue is 2 miles from my house. Studio Seven was the club and it should have been packed. Maybe 300 - 400 in the place? Anyway - awesome show, great band and Michael looked great and played phenomenally. A bit different set list than the one Axe posted. Here's my set list the drum tech gave me - they played it exactly as written - nothing different. The UFO songs were awesome and Robin's vocals did them justice. Michael was on fire. Let it Roll was amazing. The show started just after 10 and ended at 11:45. I was home in bed just after midnight.


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