Concert Report by Steve
No Sky Today Midwest Tour 2011, U.S.A.
September 16, 17 and 18, 2011
Added on 09/23/2011


Saw the last three shows of Wayne Findlay's No Sky Today Midwest tour and it was a great show! Friday night Wayne, Paul Jones (vox), Dustin Rinehart (bass) and B.Rad Dettmer rocked Penny Lane, Barrington Hills IL and had some more pro-shot video taken for another song video to come out soon. Then they played Kruze Inn, Wausau WI Saturday night. Brad was coming sick and played a little more mellow, which seemed to suit the crowd that night. They also came up with a new 'trilogy of terror' where they re-worked 'Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love', 'Foxy Lady' and Kiss's 'Watchin' You' to great success! It was pretty cool.

Sadly, Brad was too ill to complete the mini-tour at Smokin' Joe's in Milwaukee WI, so Sunday night Wayne, Paul and Dustin got up as a three-piece and went through the album's songs with just tambourine and shaker as percussion. They were in pretty good spirits and kinda joked & laughed through the set and having a pretty good time with an otherwise disaster. The strength of Wayne's songwriting really proved itself with this stripped-down approach, and you could clearly hear how complex some of the songs really are. By far the coolest & best night I saw them!

After the shows, we talked a little bit about the work on the next album (coming soon!) and them doing another, more-extensive tour, possibly before the end of the year. Sounds like the perfect time for everyone to get out there and check out NST when they're in your area. You won't be disappointed!

And don't forget the 3 Guitar Heroes tour with Schenker, Uli Roth, Leslie West and Wayne Findlay (4 Guitar Heroes???) and many surprise special guests!

Thanks for all your awesome work on this site Ritchie, and hope everything is well for you,

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