Special Meesage from Elliott Dean
2011 Michaek Schenker U.K. Tour
July 22 to 31, 2011
Posted on 08/02/2011

Hi Everyone.

As you know this tour in the UK kicks off an all new band with Michael Schenker. This band features two great new members- Herman Rarebell who needs no introduction after 16 years with the Scorpions writing some of their greatest hits including Rock You Like a Hurricane and many others. He brings a wealth of history and talent as well as pedigree in music.

The other new member is the the very talented Michael Voss who on top of being an amazing guitarist, vocalist and songwriter he also produced Michael's new record Temple of Rock. I am pleased that I was asked to play on three of the tracks including one we play live which is Before The Devil Knows Your Name.

I have personally played with many different Michael Schenker band members but I have to say that this lineup is really magical. Besides sounding great it is incredible fun and energy on stage. Check out some of the Youtube clips including High Voltage when Rudolf Schenker played with us and you will see what I mean.

If Michael Schenker ever played better than this I cannot remember when. When Michael breaks into a solo all eyes and ears are on him. It is a thing of beauty to hear his tone and wide vibrato. Every night on stage with him is a new experience.

The Black Country Communion guys were fantastic and very gracious in many ways as well down to having their road crew assist us each night. Thanks fellas!! They sounded great and are true pros and it was an honor to have them out watching our set.

Last gig tonite in England and we join up with Gary Barden and Pete Holmes to play some Italy shows. No doubt we will make sure the magic continues. Looking forward to meeting some Italian fans.


Ritchie- Although I have only been playing with Michael as his bassist for a few years I have had my company Dean guitars build his instruments since 2004. Throughout this time I have noticed that a very important member of the band doesn't get the credit he deserves and that is Wayne Findlay. With Michael FOR OVER 12 YEARS, he consistently has been a strategic part of the band's sound with his dynamic guitar, keyboard and vocal parts. He is a fantastic player, performer and friend and keeps the band in great spirits. Hi Ritchie

I think Wayne deserves a lot more recognition for what he has done for the band.


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