Concert Report by Paul
Michael Schenker at Manchester Academy, Manchester, U.K.
July 30, 2011
Added on 07/31/2011

Hi Ritchie

Just wanted to let you have a short review of Michael's show in Manchester last night.

'Having seen Michael on more occasions than I care to remember, at his best and at his absolute worst, there's still always that sense of dread before he takes the stage as you wonder which Michael will turn up. Thankfully the last few times I have seen him he has been sober, healthy and on form. Last night in Manchester was no exception and it was clear from the start that Michael was in no mood to concede the mantle of 'best guitarist' to young pretender Joe Bonamassa.

With some unusual faces on stage with him the band thundered into 'Into the Arena' and kept the tempo up throughout their 45 minute set. 'Armed and Ready', 'Rock Bottom' , 'Rock You Like a Hurricane' and 'Doctor Doctor' were interspersed with 2 new numbers 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead' and 'Hanging On' from the new album with the latter receiving a particularly good reception.

Michael was in fine form throughout, combining his classic riffs with sparkling and effortless solos - great to watch and the crowd were in no doubt that his God given talent is alive and well. Pete Way joined the band for the 2 UFO numbers but, alas, as cited in other reviews he looks a shadow of his former self. Herman Rarebell however looked like he has regressed in time and appears younger now than he did 20 years ago!! Michael Voss was a credible vocalist, albeit I am not convinced he's not a bit too flashy to be a long time MSG frontman.

I'm eagerly awaiting the new album and, hopefully, a full blown MSG tour. Great night.

For the record, whilst BCC were good and there's no doubting their individual talents (I am a huge fan of Glenn and Joe) but I agree with other reviewers that their set left me feeling a little 'cold'. Technically excellent but really lacking in feeling and engagement with the audience.'

Hope that's ok Ritchie - thanks for your continued efforts on the site.



Concert Report by Frank
Michael Schenker at Manchester Academy, Manchester, U.K.
July 30, 2011
Added on 07/31/2011

Hi Ritchie---quick review of MSG at Manchester Academy on Saturday. Whole band were in good form and sound was quite good also. No problems guitar wise for Michael like the previous night in Glasgow on the opening number. Set was short but sweet: Into the Arena; Armed and Ready, Rock You like a Hurricane; Another Piece of Meat; two songs off Temple of Rock (one with gDevilh in the title); Rock Bottom and Doctor Doctor. All were up for having a good time and Michael Voss did a fine job of getting the crowd going and was in good voice also. Pete Way again made an appearance and was royally acknowledged by the crowd. They were sorry for the short set and promised to do a full show the following night at Holmefirth (no BCC on that date)

I did three YouTube videos: Hurricane; Rock Bottom and Doctor Doctor for fans to check out (all good sound quality) They're on my Channel: Cugel58 (just type Cugel58 in search box and sort by upload date)

Keep up the great work


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