Concert Report by Paul
Michael Schenker at Newcastle upon Tyne O2 Academy, Newcastle, U.K.
July 27, 2011
Added on 07/28/2011

hi Ritchie here is a review of michael schenker gig supporting BCC in newcastle last night thats the 27th July 2011 best wishes to you

There are a lot of similarities between michael and joe bonamassa. Both childhood prodigies, both top technical guitarists in their field, both excellent composers though in clearly differant styles. The similarities end however in that MrS has always had several self d buttons at hand and at a young age had to endure life in UFO not an easy paper round. Joe has no obvious demons is the consummate professional courted by the great and the good of the guitar world and cannot seem to put a foot wrong at the moment.

I bought tickets to see BCC some time ago and was looking forward to it though not a shade on bonamassas solo work. I nearly fell off my seat when it was announced recently that Michael would be supporting. My favourite current guitarist supported by my all time favourite axeman. It boded well but the risk was Mr B would overwhelm an ageing Mr S

None of it Schenker and his ragtag bunch of musicians absolutely wiped the floor with BCC. There was no contest! I kid you not. Its not that BCC were at all bad they too were class but Schenker was outstanding. The last time I saw a support outclass a headliner was in the early 80s when a fledgling Van Halen made a very tired Sabbath look second rate

I have closely followed schenkers resurgence since the "friends tour" and have seen about 7 shows and can say that this short set was by far the most energetic performance I have seen from him in this period

He is well supported by the rest of the band with the rhythm section particularly impressive. Michael Voss was a revelation enthusiastic and a very capable vocalist. He was comfortable with MSG scorpions and UFO songs and drove the crowd on. Michael was smiling singing along and is obviously in a good place

The set list was as per High Voltage. The highlight was Rockbottom. We were treated to a trip down memory lane when pete way joined Michael and just nailed the solo bass backup. Pete seems in pretty poor health which is a shame he was the real front man for UFO loved by the diehards for his energetic stage antics but he is a great bass player and knows the dynamics of the rockbottom solo section better than anyone. Sorry to Rev and all the others but Pete is the man. Just hope he gets better and that he is able to stay around the Schenker scene.

It seems the immediate future for Schenker looks secure and we can look forward to the new album with optimism. I did ask a work colleague who was at the gig for an unbiased view(she is a big Toto fan) and she and her hubby both thought Schenker set outgunned the headliners. Sorry Joe you are a personal favourite but tonight belonged to the old man

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