Concert Report by Scott
MSG at The Grove in Anaheim, CA, U.S.A. (NAMM Show Event)
January 14, 2011
Added on 01/16/2011


well me and my brother just got back form the namm show in L.A. elliot rubinson owner of dean guitars and part time bassist with msg was so kind in providing us with pass to this invite only event. megadeth headlined with hellya msg and leslie west and others guest . was a great night at a great venue. michael , robin macauley, wayne, elliot rubinson on bass, not sure who the drummer was. well msg came out and hit the crowd hard with armed and ready. they he jumped into the arena. michael sounded great, and really hammed it up to the webcast dean guitars was doing for the event. then came on and on. it was great when the guy next to me asked me who the guitarist was, and i said michael schenker. i did the same thing in 1978 when i saw ufo open for blue oyster cult and i saw michael for the first time. they finished with doctor doctor. very explosive set. robin sounded great. would have love to heard them do some of the songs from the macualy/schenker era. was a great night and a great trip. thanx to elliot for providing us with the passes.

scott wright

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