Special Meesage from Elliott Dean
2010 MSG U.S. Tour
July 15 to 31, 2010
Posted on 08/21/2010

Hey this is Elliott Dean of Dean guitars. As you know, we have been designing and building Michael's guitars since 2004 and the line just keeps growing with Michael's popularity and stunning stage performances. WE have offered about 10 different models to the public including the very first limited run of 100 USA black and white V's similar to the one that is Michael's favorite to date. His 2004 V with the magnet behind the tailpiece is a stunning sounding guitar as are all of his instruments that have his custom Lites Out USA Dean custom pickups.

Besides playing with Michael in Germany earlier in the year with Herman Rarebell I had the pleasure of playing a three week tour with MSG in July in the US. There is no substitute to playing every night and really becoming one with the material and of course adding Carmine Appice to the mix is pure magic. The guy has played with everyone from Jeff Beck to Pink Floyd to Ozzy and about 100 people in between and it shows. I couldn't complete the tour because I had committed to some shows in New Zealand with Uli Jon Roth which was a great time as well.

I discussed the July tour with Michael and we worked together to create the black and white theme across the stage by contacting Marshall and having some custom made white Marshalls made. When it came to the heads we transplanted Schenker's favorite 2205 1980's Marshalls into the white cabinets and they sounded amazing as usual. My bass amps custom built from Meteoro in Brazil were also done in black and white and although Wayne Findlay also played Marshall his custom white stack didn't quite make it in time for this tour. I guess we will have to schedule another tour soon...

For the encores, Michael Wayne and I all used black and white V guitars and basses for Doctor Doctor, Rock Bottom and On My Way. The cameras really come out when we line up with those matching instruments. Michael also has redone his pedals, power supplies etc. and things ran very smoothly.

Latly, the gig in Oklahoma was amazing. Besides being a great sounding venue, the cast of characters on stage watching was unreal. Glancing around I saw all members of the Scorps, the guys from Ratt, Tracii Gunns, Lita Ford and tons more. It is very apparent that Michael Schenker has influenced many and continues to be at the top of their guitar hero lists as the see that Michael is completely at the top of his game.

Elliott Dean

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