Concert Photos by Johnny J.
MSG at Key Club, West Hollywood, CA, U.S.A.
August 19, 2010
Added on 08/21/2010


Hey Man had to get back to ya and let you know about last night's Key Club performance. I went to the 2nd show of this US Tour last month at The Galaxy in Santa Ana (and wrote you a review) and although it was another phenomenal performance, I chose not to see a couple of other shows right here close to my home in San Diego because Carmine had just joined for this leg of the tour and he did not quite know all the breaks and such. I knew with 33 dates in 35 days they would have it super tight by the time they hit Cali again. Boy was I right! Carmine was INCREDIBLE, didn't miss a single break and just added so much and Rev is totally awesome also. Nothing against Elliot, but they are not in the same class.

Exact same set as I think they've played the entire tour, the only difference was last night they played straight through start to finish and did no encores. I'm sure they are EXHAUSTED!!! But what a show. Fantastic would best describe it. And Michael's soloing was just absolutely unreal. After all of the times I've seen him, the simple fact that he continues to get better defies logic to start with. But then when tore off the greatest lead on "Rock Bottom" that I've ever witnessed I just stood there with my mouth open saying over and over again," Oh my God". He's always doing little things to change up his playing and he was great on everything he did, but all I can say still is "Oh my God"!

They have one left, Chicago, tomorrow night opening for The Scorps which will be KILLER I'm sure. I'm from Chicago and both bands LOVE playing there and to finish off there will be very special indeed.

One last side note. Michael's guitar tech had brought out a Dean I have not yet seen during sound check. It's a replica of his old Mark V Gibson exactly! He never played it, but it was really cool looking.

Take care Ritchie.

Johnny Joseph

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