Concert Report by Tony
MSG at Eleanor Rigby's, Jermyn, PA, U.S.A.
August 2, 2010
Added on 08/03/2010


I had the pleasure of seeing Michael last night (8/2/10) at Eleanor Rigby's in Jermyn, PA.

First of all, the club was a dump. Low stage, low ceiling, bad lighting and acoustics. I think it used to be a gym. There was no room for the MSG backdrop or a riser for the drums. Standing room only with the floor fenced in half to divide drinkers from no drinkers. (chicken wire like the blues brothers movies). Sound for all the bands was a bit distorted. Very small crowd. Saying there were 300 there would be generous.

Sister Sin and Lynch Mob opened with lively short 7 song sets.

MSG came charging out to Armed and Ready! Band was extremely tight and the addition of Rev Jones the day before didn't hamper anything. Well, he did bump into Gary quite often. Gary was the only week point. I suspect that the bad PA was as big an issue as the comments on his vocal demise. I was in the front ten feet from Michael and couldn't hear him at all. Wayne Findley is awesome and so underated. Rev was stellar as usual. Carmine Appice on drums was undoubtly the best drummer MSG has had since the Cozy Powell days.

Michael was in great form. I was worried he would be upset about the crowd size but he didn't show it. Slapping hands, smiling, encouraging the crowd, etc. I have seen Michael before with UFO and MSG but it was always in large venues. Although the sound was rough, the energy was awesome! My ears are still ringing and its my badge of honor.

Highlights were Are you Ready to Rock, On and On, Lights Out, and Rockbottom. Michael lost all his sound on Ride on the Way, but the band played on. You could tell Michael was a little frustrated at first, then he did a little dance while his tech fixed the problem.

Side Note - Carl Canedy, drummer of the '80's metal band "The Rods" was in the crowd. Carl has also produced albums for bands like Anthrax, Exciter, and Possessed.

Thanks for the site,

Tony D

PS - Just want to make it clear, the bad sound was from the venue and not the band!

Set List:
Armed and Ready
Cry for the Nations
Are You Ready to Rock
I want You
Night to Remember
(Drum Solo)
Into the Arena
Lost Horizons
Rock my nights away
On and On
Lights Out
Attack of the Mad Axeman

1st Encore
Ride on My Way

2nd Encore
Doctor Doctor

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