Concert Report by Dean
MSG at 18th Street Pier, San Leon, TX, U.S.A.
July 22, 2010
Added on 08/02/2010

Hi Ritchie,

I wanted to thank you for giving me the chance to catch Michael's show in San Leon, July 22. I hadn't checked your site in a couple months as my home pc has been down. I got home that night about 9PM. I had to check something on my wifes computer. I decided to check in on your site for an update. As I was looking at the tour dates, I saw San Leon. I thought it sounded familar, it's about 90 minutes southeast of Houston. I called and found out there were still tickets and immediately took off. My two sons who have grown up listening to Michael are both living in Galveston, about 20 minutes away. I called them up and they both came up and joined me for the show. I got there about fifteen minutes before the show started. The bar is out in the middle of nowhere, but it turned out to be a great venue.

When MSG took the stage, everyone cheered and they tore into Armed and Ready. Michael looked better than I've seen him in years. He was smiling and interacting with the crowd. His playing was incredible and the band was tight. I had some trouble making out Gary's lyrics. During one of Michaels solos, I looked over and saw Wayne just shaking his head in amazement. The set list seemed to follow what everyones been posting on the site. They played about an hour and 40 minutes. Rock Bottom is truly one of the greatest rock songs ever. Watching Michael play it always puts a huge smile on my face. You look around the crowd and everyone is smiling just like me. One of my boys brought his girlfriend and she enjoyed the show as well. They went outside for a minute and were talking to the representative from Dean guitars. He evidently had loaned Michael some gear for the show. He was worried Michael was going to blow his equipment. It was incredibly loud, my ears hurt for a day after but well worth it. They had a raffle after the show, Dean had supplied one of their Flying V's signed by everyone in the band. We all were hoping to win, but some lucky girl took it home.

After the show I was outside talking to a guy who just got to see Michael play for the first time. He was totally blown away. He told me that he had been playing all his life. He came with a friend who was the lead guitarist for one of the opening bands who was better than he was. But he said "Michael was on a completely different level" He's right on that one. Any way thanks again and keep up the good work. Your web site gave me a night to remember.

Best Regards,

Spring Texas

Concert Report by John
MSG at 18th Street Pier, San Leon, TX, U.S.A.
July 22, 2010
Added on 08/05/2010

Hi Ritchie,

Been a while - since HOB Houston last year - wanted to give a quick review and some pics of show on July 22. First off the 18th Street Bar and Grill is a small venue (more on this later) and small crowd but the sound was near perfect (thanks to all the Dean guys running around). Michael sounded totally amazing with many mouth open wide moments(Rock Bottom) and a big grin - cause Michael IS that good. Carmine was a sight to see - stuck in a 3 walled space with 10 inches to the ceiling- Gary sounded better than last time and as usual Wayne is the perfect balance for rhythm and keys. Thanks for the pick ( all u gotta do is make eye contact - he is a great guy). Set list the same as other reviews. Would like to say - that no matter the size of venue or crowd MSG is putting their best show possible. Thanks

John Stahl

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