Concert Report by Cutler
MSG at Jaxx Night Club, Springfield, VA, U.S.A.
July 30, 2010
Added on 08/02/2010


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Well, the show in Springfield, VA was amazing. Michael was the most animated and fun spirited I have ever seen and the performance was just incredible. I can say all the usual things, how special and talented Michael is and how professional the band is and it is all true. The venue was packed and the audience was great! I was situated right in front of Michael and his amps and the sound was so perfect. The feeling that he can give off through his songwriting, arrangements, vibrato and tone are just a highlight of human expression. I do not see how so many people that like rock music miss it and I wonder why his stature in rock lore is not greater. I think if you actually listen, then you get it, people that are not inclined to truly listen to the music (majority) miss out.

I highly recommend to anyone that has the chance to witness and hear the power, melody and energy of this music to do so.

Cutler Robinson

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