Concert Report by Hans
MSG at Spirit of 66! in Verviers, Belgium
July 10, 2010
Added on 07/15/2010

Hi Ritchie

been on the Verviers gig too - it was suberb! Michael was outstanding (even for less than 100 people). Worth mentioning is also the jokes between Chris, Gary and Wayne - with Chris as the central figure in putting on funny faces and 'rock poses', eating his plectrum (and Wayne kicking him on his back), Gary who took the head of his bassguitar and walked the stage with Chris that had to follow and so on.

Someone had put several vids on you tube - here are the links - credits must be given to this guy - Philob 59000

and thanks for your wonderful site


Lights Out video
Into The Arena video
Attack Of The Mad Axeman video
Are You Ready To Rock video
On And On video
Doctor Doctor video
Rock Bottom-Part 2 video
Armed And Ready video

Concert Report by Akemi
MSG at Spirit of 66! in Verviers, Belgium
July 10, 2010
Added on 07/14/2010

Hi Ritchie

I used to be mad about Michael in the 80's but since i came to uk in 1985 i had rather long interval away from rock. Knew they play in Shepherds Bush O2, my local, i went for it. OMG it was amazing! My rock chickness returned, I couldn't resist the temptation to see them again before the end of the European tour, so I went to Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium, last Saturday. I managed to take some pictures but with Point&Shoot digicam (being a photographer, a bit frustrating...shutter speed was irritatingly slow! so please bear that in mind)ʐ^-1/music/msg-vervier-belgium/

It was probably one of the smallest venues they play on this tour, the capacity is just 350. But they were good! Before the show Gary and Chris joined us for beer, even Michael came to us (sitting in the bar ouside in the pavement next to the venue) for a quick chat! Luckie luckie me! Gary has let us listen to his new recordings in his Walkman, it was fantastic! O2 was great with Pete Way & other guests but Spirit of 66 was something else. Michael continues to play in top form I'm absolutely delighted!!!


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