Concert Report by Frank
MSG at O2 Academy Liverpool, Liverpool, U.K.
May 30, 2010
Added on 05/31/2010

MSG played Liverpool's O2 Academy last night (not the greatest of venues due to obstruction of old warehouse posts in the way) but a great set and night nevertheless.

Set list was as per Cardiff and Wolverthampton. Band got a great reception from the crowd who were really up for it. I don't know when Schenker last played Liverpool, but somebody said at the Empire in the early '80s, so a long time coming and one guy had come from Bangor in North Wales.

Michael was on top form and the guitar sound was strong and up in the mix. In fact the sound generally was quite good, though vocals were a little lost in the mix at times. Chris Slade's drums were characteristically thunderous! All the band were enjoying themselves and Wayne, as ever, was having a blast; Chris doing his usual jokes and facial expressions! and Gary conduction the Crowd. All good stuff

I've sent you the link for Lost Horizions on You Tube (good sound quality and great playing)

I will put rockbottom; into the arena and On and On up soon.


Into the Arena

I Want You

On and On

Lost Horizons

keep up the good work


Concert Report by Paul
MSG at O2 Academy Liverpool, Liverpool, U.K.
May 30, 2010
Added on 06/04/2010

hi Ritchie here is my review of the Liverpool gig.

I have hesitated over this review because it starts with a major grump that has nothing to do with MSG and I do not like to severely criticise people but this is a subject I feel strongly about so here goes.

A trip to the ever brilliant Liverpool to see Michael. Venue sweaty and rock and roll almost cavern like in proportion( well maybe not and not as full)

However we were subjected to tribute to Ronnie Dio from a third rate thrash band. The tribute I suppose was that she couldn't sing Neon Nights.

I will give you a tribute to Ronnie Dio. Go back 35 years to Rainbows first UK tour and an impressionable 15year old whose previous gigs had been Sabbath with Ozzy and UFO with a certain Mr schenker blasting out the raw Lights out material (not a bad start to a rock gig career) A sold out Newcastle city hall watched in awe as a diminutive American emerged from the egotistic shadow of the legendary Blackmore past the thunder of cozy powell and delivered a vocal performance that I have not seen the like of since. I can remember as if it were yesterday him singing Catch The Rainbow. I saw him a few times after that but that night sticks in my memory. I don't suppose I will ever see his like again. RIP Ronnie you were the best.

there you go nowt to do with Michael and sorry if I have bored you all

Michael has become the consummate professional. Every gig since the return which must be nearly three years ago now since the "friends" tour has been fruitful. No cancellations no bum nights just delight to hear him play. Tonight was no exception you can tell he is so focused. The slight worry is Gary's voice which seems to be struggling and there was an awful lot of audience participation which is cool in Liverpool where the locals like a good sing along but cant for me cover the weakness. Still he is a great trooper and carries it off with his usual charisma. Who am I to say I cant even sing happy birthday in tune. Wayne Findley for me is the power of the band. I think he is a better foil for schenker than Paul Raymond. He has great drive and enthusiasm. I would like to see him given a bit of a solo focus which I am sure he did have a few years ago

so all is well in the world of Mr Schenker. What next after the US tour? I wonder dare I hope for a UFO reunion!!

a word of thanks for the friendly staff at the O2 even if there did seem to be a dead body lying outside sure he will be fine after the hangover wears off!! regards Paul Dunn

Concert Report by steVe
MSG at O2 Academy Liverpool, Liverpool, U.K.
May 30, 2010
Added on 06/09/2010

What a treat to see MSG in Liverpool. It was great to see part of the original 1980 MSG line up with Chris Glen and Gary Barden. Granted, Gary Barden does not have the best range as a singer, but non-the-less great to see and he did a very solid job. To agree with another reviewer, Chris Slade on drums was amazingly powerful and solid. What a great rock drummer.

As for Mr. Michael Schenker himself... First, I was dead pleased to see him looking so healthy and fit; he looks better than he has for years! He seemed in a very good mood and his playing was in great form. Sound was overall very good from where I was standing. Guitar and drums heard very clearly; vocals a little weak at times but overall very good.

Pretty certain this was the set list

Armed And Ready
Cry For The Nations
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Are You Ready to Rock
I Want You
Night To Remember
Into The Arena
Lost Horizons
Rock My Nights Away
On And On
Lights Out
Attack of The Mad Axeman

Ride On My Way
Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom

Aside from the UFO songs, my favorites of the night would have to be: Rock My Nights Away and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.

All in all a brilliant night! Thanks Dave for taking me - you are truly the best!

Keep it up Michael, we'll see you in Chicago. cheers - steVe -

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